Cross Country Rally

The Bull Sertões Rally Team is one of the many highlights of Brazilian rally driver Rodrigo Terpins. He is the elder brother of another world-class rally driver Michel terpins both sons of Jacko (Jack Terpins)the iconic Brazilian basketball player who ruled Brazilian basketball in the seventies.His sons followed his avid love and passion for sports and today are some of the most recognizable faces in Brazilian rallying having achieved multiple wins and awards for the same.

The doubles teams included the Bull Sertões Rally Team taking part in the 22nd edition of the legendary Sertoes rally the most highly regarded competition in the Brazilian rally circuit. The teams departed for Paracatu, one of the first mining city in the course of the route.

This massive off-road event in Brazil having completed two of the seven stages of the edition then moved on to Caldas Novas to Catalão, still in the state of Goiás where the original stretch that covered 202 kilometers was reduced to about 68 citing various safety issues.In the Cars category, the duos of the Team Bull Sertões Rally Team won the fifth and sixth positions. They were competing in the T1 prototype category. The teams were divided into that of Michel Terpins and navigator Sven von Borries who came in fifth and that of Rodrigo Terpins and navigator Fabrício Bianchini coming in 6th.

According to Mundodo Marketing, the exemplary performance was a result of a well-prepared team that has been training hard and had well-developed cars which have had there performance and suspensions upgraded from time to time to help them cope with the different terrains in the route.

Rodrigo Terpins also a family man has always emphasized the need to have a well-balanced life where his career in rallying does not affect the attention he gives his family. This perspective is what has seen him develop into one of the most consistent rally drivers in the editions gone by and hopefully in those that are yet to come.

He has always stated his commitment to rallying and hopes that even as his star continues to shine he is able to nurture others into it.