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Boraie Development has taken on reestablishing Atlantic City’s coastline with the opulent $81 million skyrise project, The Beach at South Inlet. The impressive endeavor will be located in Pauline’s Prairie, an underutilized area of New Jersey’s landscape. The 250 unit residential complex highlights modern features such as a picturesque pool, a posh tenant lounge with insurmountable amenities, and an innovative upscale gymnasium. This structure will undoubtedly incite economical stabilization and growth for the once declining resort sector. It will be constructed to support 50,000 local residents. The venue will also leverage the retail market, incorporating amenities like Bass Pro Shops, redesigned Pier Shops, a full-service college branch, and the healthcare facility AtlantiCare to note a few. This type of commerce will enhance already existing shops in the community, heading off any competition challenges. The Beach at South Inlet’s high-end housing units expects to attract diverse tenants; whereas most of the Atlantic City’s demographic falls well within the 40+-year-old age bracket according to The thirty-year-old developer, Boraie Development LLC, fulfills Atlantic City’s community needs by bringing non-gaming attractions to its core population and bringing high-quality homes to its coast.


The progressive real estate development company was established by Omar Boraie, an Egyptian immigrant who settled in the New Brunswick area. There, he ventured out to study chemistry then alternated to the massive world of real estate. The visionary impressively transforms underused land parcels into much sought after real estate initiatives with the partnership of financial institutions, industrious contractors, and savvy architects. Mr. Boraie has had multiple construction successes such as the One Spring Street tower in downtown New Brunswick and The Aspire, also in the New Brunswick city area-conveniently across from the train station. According to WSJ, the highly esteemed builder takes every opportunity to wow it’s residences with enhanced lobbies, private parking access, around the clock doormen, and immaculate city view scapes. Their lavish properties invariably showcase designer characteristics throughout, with a high emphasis on energy conservation. Boraie Development LLC’s team creates a resort-style sense of extravagance for their future residents. Atlantic City’s newest premium residential tower will be designed to please all luxury lovers in the community. You can search on Yahoo to see more.


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Construction Business

Todd Lubar is working as Sr. Vice President in Legendary Investments and President at TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He’s a renowned businessman and also an entrepreneur who has worked in the estate industry for more than two decades, and he is assisting his client with his utmost skills and knowledge to give them as much benefit as possible.

He has recently ranked on as top 25 mortgage originators in the whole country. Along with the property business, Lubar worked in numerous industries spanning from the fun industry, to mortgage banking to construction. Lubar Todd is passionate about serving the community, and his extensive experience has assisted him to control his business wisdom to set others up for achievement.

Todd, after working for two decades in the credit space and finance, he realized that he is not destined to work for himself only; he likes to assist individuals to live their life with their conditions and to fulfill their dream to becoming a landlord.

So, he found a way to eradicate the common barriers which keep people from getting needed loans, and he ultimately found a program and product for consumers which provides them what they are waiting for a long time: RELIEF.

At one of his interview, he shares few of his personal things. He said that he is a family man and he enjoys and every moment with them. Todd starts his day with a cup and breakfast with his kids. Then he checked his Linked In and daily newspaper because he knew that to be up-to-date with the information is the primarily key to get success in real estate industry. After that, he goes for a vigorous workout session. He works very hard to be in shape and to live a healthy life.

He believes that where there is a will, there is a way and in such case of being a businessman, you may have many ideas from the people across the globe, but without the determination to make it happen, they are useless to you. So, he emphasizes people to be determinant about what they want and then work very hard to achieve it. Without determination, you can’t do anything or can’t achieve any goal.

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