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Purchasing Fortress Investment Group may seem like a strange purchase for tech-giant SoftBank to make, but it may end up fitting in perfectly with their plans to expand into finances alongside their other endeavors. When the acquisition was first announced, many were completely surprised and had not been expecting it at all. SoftBank has plans to build themselves up to be one of the biggest investments firms around the globe and getting the expertise that Fortress has to offer is a great step to complete their goal.

The acquisition was made for $3.3 billion but they don’t believe that Fortress Investment Group will be changing much when it comes to how their daily business operations. The investment group has a considerable amount of assets under their management and SoftBank has stated that they plan to not interfere with it. This is good news for everyone as Fortress has been able to thrive when left to their own devices. This is why it is so important that they will be able to take their company private once again under their new ownership. Visit to learn more.

Their ability to operate independently is one of the reasons why purchasing the company first became so appealing to SoftBank. While Fortress Investment Group will largely be left alone to pursue their goals independently, they will still be able to offer a lot of returns for SoftBank. They respect the Fortress Investment Group for their abilities and know that their experience will help their financial world efforts as well.

While there are a lot of businesses that may not want to be removed from the NYSE, they see it as an opportunity to be able to make the decisions that will be good for the company’s long-term goals instead of just trying to satisfy the market. They recently invested in a private railroad company based out of Florida. There are already plans to expand their travel options to other cities including those in different states around the country. Unlike other forms of transportation, the comfort of their customers is important. There are even amenities like free internet and charging ports for phones and other devices.



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OSI Group is one of the biggest food production companies in the world. From its humble beginnings as Otto & Sons, OSI has grown into a multinational corporation with twenty thousand employees working at over 60 facilities in 17 countries. In 2016, Forbes ranked OSI the 58th largest private company in the world with a net worth of 6.1 billion.

OSI Brokers A Deal With McDonald’s

OSI Groups first big break came in the mid-1950’s when Otto & Sons brokered a deal with McDonald’s to become a regional supplier to their growing network of chain restaurants, opening primarily throughout the Midwest until 1960. By the late 1960’s, Otto & Sons experienced significant growth primarily due to the new technological breakthroughs experienced in cryogenic freezing using liquid nitrogen. Until the 1970’s, OSI, formally known as Otto & Sons, was one of over a hundred meat suppliers feeding the McDonalds supply chain. By 1973, Otto & Sons became one of the only four food suppliers to McDonald’s.

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Diversification Of OSI Group’s Domestic Market

By 1994, OSI Group; the company was formally known as Otto & Sons, had expanded their market into other areas besides meat and poultry. In 1994 a deal was brokered between OSI and Nation Pizza and Foods which expanded OSI’s product selection to include bacon, sausage, and franks. The poultry processing business, Moy Park, was acquired by OSI in 1996. This acquisition would mark a series throughout Europe which provided OSI Industries portfolio with a significant degree of diversity. With the opening of their new factory in Geneva, Illinois in 2012, OSI Industries expanded their product line to also include frozen entrée items.

The Future Of OSI Group

Moving forward, the current COO of OSI Industries David McDonald will continue to incorporate a strong element of sustainability and research into OSI’s corporate philosophy. Quickly adapting to governmental changes within the food supply industry means OSI will have a competitive edge over their competition. With regional supply chains all over the world, OSI Industries are forced to adapt to the environmental changes enacted by the countries in which they operate.



Upwork started because of a need for a platform so people who want virtual tasks can connect. They give people a place to list their ideas while giving contractors a chance to try helping other people with issues they might have. The platform is one of the largest and fastest growing on the internet.

Since they grew so fast, they had to do something to make a difference. The company worked to come up with positive ideas and come up with experiences they could use to make things easier for everyone. It made sense for Upwork to go public with NASDAQ. Now, they operate as a publicly traded company. They know they’re doing things the right way and that’s an important part of the way they operate. It’s also something that makes it easier for them to try new things. As long as they can make things better for the people they work with, they’ll keep making the best out of their platform.

The Upwork platform is unique because it allows employers to have the upper hand. On other platforms, the contractors have the upper hand. Employers can make the most out of everything they have because of how hard they work. They can also do things the right way because of how things work for the industry. The employers on Upwork don’t worry about paying anything and can actually list and pay for the work without ever paying into the site. It’s an important part of the way the company operates.

As long as more people have a chance to do things the right way, they’ll get it from Upwork. Contractors get a chance to see positive experiences because of the work that’s listed on the site. They don’t have to worry about not getting paid. While they do pay for the experience, they also get the satisfaction that allows them to feel confident in the payment structure. It’s an important part of the work Upwork does to make a difference for their contractors. It also gives them a chance to try new employers without huge risks to their money.


InnovaCare Health is a medical company based in Puerto Rico, established by Rick Shinto to provide accessible and affordable health care services to the locals. Recently, Rick Shinto hired several individuals who would become a part of the company’s leadership team, and one of them was Penelope Kokkinides. She currently works as InnovaCare Health’s chief operating officer, and she is doing a great job on performing her tasks. Penelope Kokkinides graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences, and immediately took up a master’s degree specializing in Social Work and Public Health. She used her knowledge and skills to prove that she can be an extraordinary leader, and she prepared a lot before entering the real battle outside of the university.



She worked with several companies, learning about their styles and approach on how to deal with issues surrounding health. When he received the news that the InnovaCare Health is hiring new executives, she decided to apply and presented her vision for the company. Rick Shinto realized that Penelope Kokkinides is the one that he is looking for, and accepted her job application. Her leadership skills and knowledge in the field of medicine made her as one of the most competitive individuals in the company, and she was able to support the departments under her responsibility. She also developed unique strategies that made the company competitive, providing the needs of the locals. She has been trying so hard to change how the Puerto Ricans thought about medical insurances and told them that they need to trust in what the company is doing. Check out




Currently, Penelope Kokkinides works to improve the health services in the island, as Hurricane Maria destroyed everything in its path. Puerto Rico was left with a vulnerable population who does not know where they could get their next assistance. Another problem with the island today would be the excessive debt that the government applied for, making it difficult for the primary services to reach them. Rick Shinto decided that InnovaCare Health should start moving on its own, and sent Penelope Kokkinides to Washington D.C. to have a dialog with the president. President Donald Trump realized the gravity of the situation in the island and ordered all of the Federal Department to immediately take action and bring assistance to provide the island dwellers with food, clothing, clean water, and shelter. Rick Shinto thanked the government for their concern for the locals living in Puerto Rico. You can visit



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Florida’s Governor charged with Campaign Violations – End Citizens United

The current charges that are facing Mr. Rick Scott will probably provoke remembrance of another infamous act that involved him when he was serving as the CEO of the Colombia HCA. This scandal involved a Medicare fraud that saw Mr. Rick resigning. This followed after his company was forced to pay a figure close to $1.7 billion fine after the FBI investigated this matter to the core.

However, Mr. Scott denied those allegations just the way he has dismissed the campaign violation allegations that are facing him currently. This refusal has not been in the mind of many individuals until Mr. Rick appealed his fifth right in the court that handles civil issues, which are related to fraud. As his second term ends, the End Citizens United is focused on some of his undertaking that has a potential of improving his haunt for US senatorial position. Watch this video on Youtube.

Indulging End Citizens United Goal to Limit Campaign Contributions

In 2010, the Supreme Court recognized the corporations as the only entity that can spend untraceable and unlimited resources to support political candidates in the United States election. To this end, the candidate will not be required to explain the source of their support. Therefore, mogul can utilize their wealth to support the candidates of their choice without having to worry about what will follow.

This move, however, was strongly opposed by those who felt that this was not right this being the primary reason for the establishment of the End Citizens United. The main aim of this foundation is to ensure that the democracy of the citizens remains at the equilibrium without the influence of the wealthy. The primary basis of the accusation for this body includes the gifting of an undisclosed and unlimited fund. View the group’s profile on

The New Republican PAC

In the middle of April this year, the American bridge reported that one of the entities that were chaired by Mr. Scott, PAC had received significant donations from some undisclosed equity executives. While the SEC has barred financial institutes from funding political activities, this funding is said to have been channeled to PAC.

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The Academy of Art University is one of the leading schools for the arts in the US. This affluent academy has a broad teacher-base, has innovative technologies to work with and has some of the brightest of minds to have ever flourished in the entertainment industry. In central San Francisco, the academy has a nice urban campus. It is said to be that the Academy of Art University is one of the largest property holders in the San Francisco area. Academy of Advertising Art and the Academy of Art College were two of its previous names. Though the academy specializes in a myriad of subjects, its school of fashion has helped to bolster its name to the masses.

This for-profit school attends New York Fashion Week on a regular basis, and it puts on a show while displaying its many fashion lines. The students of these programs have put tremendous effort into each fashion design. Academy of Art University has presented its stuff for over 20 consecutive times. New York Fashion Week plays host to hundreds of fashion designers that come from a wide range of foreign countries. This includes Mexico, Japan, China, France and Nigeria. The amount of backbreaking work that goes into developing these items can’t be put in words. Each fashion designer has certainly participated in his or her share of internships and workshops throughout the years. True innovation comes from AAU’s diverse student-base. This school has been participating in the festivities of New York Fashion Week since 2005.

This exclusive university owns and operates its very own automotive museum. There are over 200 vintage vehicles here. Academy of Art University competes in the Division II class, and it’s a part of the Pacific West Conference.


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Brazil is currently experiencing real estate growth that is attributed to low-interest rates. The increasing demand for commercial and residential property has also risen tremendously. Major investors such as JHSF are transforming the real estate industry in the country by exploiting the conducive business environment. The holding company focuses mainly on managing and developing high-end commercial and residential properties.

Since its inception in 1972, JHSF has grown at a rapid rate in Brazil and neighboring countries. The growth is attributed to the company’s projects that are innovative, high quality and able to create sustainable solutions. Major developments include projects in high-end hotels, shopping malls, the international executive airport in Sao Paulo, up-market apartments and commercial properties. Due to the company focus on maintaining sustainability, it has been able to carry out projects at low costs. It has also achieved a milestone through its operations to impact the environment positively.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of JHSF José Auriemo Neto, have played a major role in the growth and development of the company. His ability to foresight and identify major investment opportunities has enabled the company to be ahead in the real estate industry. He has leadership skills that are commendable. This has ensured innovation is achieved by the company employees who maintain high-value quality.

José has responsibilities to manage properties developed by JHSF, and he has done a great job for over 20 years. He has a deep understanding relating to the real estate industry. This has ensured that JHSF is updated on major developments in the industry. He has been on the frontline to ensure the company is involved in developing top-notch properties in Brazil. His contribution has also assisted the growth of JHSF’s retail business. The strategies he has employed have resulted in the innovation of new ideas that translated to quick growth and diversification of JHSF.

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Technology is fast changing, and with every passing week, there is an innovation that is coming up. In fact, the rate at which technological innovations are coming up is so fast that even keeping up with the latest can be a big problem. The innovations range from mobile applications, some artificial intelligence inventions, automation among many other kinds of innovations. With technology you just have to wait and see what will happen next. With a lot of money being invested in research by big companies in the world, more technological innovations are expected to come up in coming years. With this investment, you cannot predict what will available in the next five years.


For people who were here in the 1990s, technological growth that they have witnessed is too much. Take the case of the automobiles; we have moved from steam-powered vehicles to electric cars. Things like mobile phones were never part of us a few decades ago, but today, they are owned by every adult.


One person who knows about the power of technology is Louis Chenevert. He understands how quickly technology can change an industry. At the height of his career a few years ago, Louis Chenevert was the President and CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He was the CEO between 2008 and 2014. UTC is a business which has many other multi-billion businesses under it. The company has its headquarters in Connecticut.


UTC is a leader in the aerospace industry although it deals with other businesses. One of its accomplishment is supplying NASA with fuel power plants. Since 19966, they have been working together and have made space traveling a reality. They also manufacture jet engines for military and commercial aircraft. They are always creating the latest technology that will offer the best performance to their clients. The Geared Turbofan engine is one of the key inventions that have been made by the company.


Louis Chenevert term as the CEO was marked with great results. He steered the company into growth in a short time. Although he is retired from the company, his reputation as a business leader will live on for many years. He laid the foundation for further growth of the company.

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To simply get straight to the matter at hand, Aloha Construction is one of the leading contractors in the Midwest. This company has come a long way since its beginning back in 2008. As of today, the company has completed nearly 20,000 jobs, and it has opened a second location in Bloomington, Illinois. Its headquarters is located in Lake Zurich, Illinois, but it travels throughout the state to conduct business. Aloha Construction has a rich history of providing top-of-the-line services in home renovation. The company also boasts a brilliant reputation for being totally ethical. That can’t be said for the majority of the competition because the majority of the competition is only looking to make a quick buck.

By being so honest and straightforward, this company was able to take home the affluent Torch Award for 2017. That’s right! Aloha Construction has finally made it in a sense. The Torch Award goes to a company that demonstrates premium ethical behavior. The Better Business Bureau has been presenting this award since the mid-to-late 1990s. Good ethics really isn’t hard to achieve, but some companies tend to make things harder than it needs to be. Aloha Construction actually listens to its customers, and it respects its customers’ wishes. In addition to that wonderful quality, this company does an amazing job of giving back. Aloha Construction is heavily involved with a variety of charities in the Lake Zurich region. Thanks to Dave Farbaky, this company has been able to grow at a dramatic rate.

As of today, Aloha Construction serves all of Illinois as well as certain areas of Wisconsin. Bigger and better things are definitely on the way as this company continues to raise the bar much higher than it ever was before.

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Jeunesse Global has been able to rise from an obscure startup that was founded out of the garage of a retired Florida couple into one of the most important players on the global health and beauty scene. And it has accomplished this incredible growth in just over 9 years. Founded in September of 2009 by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global has experienced exponential growth in every year of its existence. Today, the company is valued at more than $1 billion and does hundreds of millions of dollars in sales each year. It has millions of global customers and thousands of distributors, making it a force to be reckoned with across the planet.

But Jeunesse Global had humble beginnings. Founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were looking for a simple way to pass their newly found free time in retirement. The couple had retired just a few weeks prior to the founding of Jeunesse Global, thinking that they would be able to easily make the transition from workaholic entrepreneurs to a life of idleness. But they soon found out that they were mistaken. Ray and Lewis missed the action and strong sense of meaning that came with running their own business.

It didn’t take long for the couple to dive headlong into the running of Jeunesse Global. Soon, Ray and Lewis were spending more than 60 hours each week on growing their fledgling company. Jeunesse Global quickly took off, growing exponentially and creating some of the best products that the health and beauty industry has ever seen.

One of those products is the company’s foundation and bronzer. Known as NV, the product can hold its own versus any of the competing brands. But where NV really stands apart from the competition is in its ability to stave off the worst effects of aging.

Made with the company’s patented APT-200 molecule, NV is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, prevent the formation of new wrinkles and restore skin elasticity that has been naturally lost to the aging process. It can erase years off a user’s apparent age, helping them look their best.