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Spring cleaning as the name suggests involves housekeeping and cleaning during springtime. It is especially common in areas that experience freezing winters. Spring cleaning includes the thorough cleaning of the house and it has become a very common practice. Cleaning is done high and wide around the house to reach the places that are not readily available for regular cleaning. It is done on windows, mattresses, carpets, ceiling and every inch of the house. Spring cleaning is usually quite a tedious job that requires time. To make spring cleaning easier there are enterprises which offer these services for hire.

Handy is one of the companies that provide cleaning services for those who are not able to do it themselves. Handy has been operational for a while and it has credible and reliable professionals who work diligently to provide satisfactory service. Handy performs background checks and ensures their employees insured to instill confidence of customers on safety and security. Employees are very experienced hence the clients are assured a good job will be done. Handy is widely dedicated to efficiency and effectiveness and they have online booking in place for convenience. After booking it is possible to schedule a cleaning appointment any day. Furthermore, you can have your house cleaned the next day after booking. In situations where the client is not satisfied with the work done the money is refunded fully.

Handy is a private company that was founded in 2012 to provide cleaning services. Its founders are Umang Dua, Oisin Hanrahan, Ignacio Leonhardt and Weina Scott who first called it Handybook. The company’s name was changed to Handy in September 2014 after it rebranded. The company provides not only cleaning services but also handyman services like plumbing. The company highly operates online by providing booking options and information about it and its services. It works in U.K, USA, and Canada in about 28 cities. The company has more than 200 people under its employment with approximately 10000 cleaners under its payroll. The company provides satisfactory cleaning services such that customers rebook an appointment each time they need cleaning. Handy’s cleaning services are extensive and available anytime which includes spring cleaning.

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