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George Soros, the billionaire from New York, has always been associated with the Democrats since he started his hedge fund empire. He has had long-term relations with some key members of the party, especially the Clintons and has backed them publicly for office.

The 85-year-old hedge fund billionaire made his fortune which is estimated to be around $25 billion through risky currency trade. He had never shied away from sharing his fortune with the Democrats with a good example being in 2004 when he pledged $27 million in an attempt to defeat President George W. Bush and supporting other Democrat candidates. Know more about George Soros on Business Insider.

After the way the events turned out, George Soros reduced his political donations and did his best to avoid the political center stage. Instead, he focused on running his business and supporting his charity foundations around the world.

Recently, Soros emerged and publicly aired his support for Hillary Clinton as the Democrat’s presidential candidate. He made an impressive financial contribution of over $25 million towards her campaign. According to his political advisor, Soros was more interested in the election as he believed that the stakes were high. He also didn’t support Donald Trump’s political and economic views and saw his policies as those of instilling fear into people rather than offering them security.

George Soros has always taken an interest in shaping and transforming political environments to what he calls “Open Societies.” He believes that societies should be formed around “universally” accepted principles that work to enhance the welfare of all mankind.

For this reason, he has used his wealth to fund various organizations around the world that share his views. He has also established more than 70 Open Society Foundations around the world that are charged with transforming the political and social environments of the people.

Considering his childhood background where he was forced to live in a German-occupied Hungary, one can only see where his need and urge to bring a change in the political field originated. He was from a Jewish family at the time where Jews were widely persecuted in Germany and other Germany-occupied territories.

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George Soros has always played a major role in philanthropy. He began his quest in 1979, and in 1984, he had already established an Open Society Foundation in Hungary. The network has grown and is operating in multiple countries. His spending and funding have also increased to hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Read more on

Caring for the Community

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were working as reporters, they found information about their local sheriff that they thought the public deserved to know. As an official, they felt that he needed to be exposed for the corrupt things that went on with the department.

For that reason, they made sure that they published the information that they found so that people would not have to worry about not knowing the secrets that the sheriff had. It was something that was difficult for people to be able to get but also something that made the sheriff’s office realize that what they were doing was wrong. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund

The sheriff eventually found out that the information had been published and it made him look bad. He had his department arrest the men illegally and try to charge them with a crime that they didn’t do. The press has a right to freely publish any information which they have obtained legally (which the men had) and arresting them for it was a direct violation of their own human rights. It also went against the constitutional rights that the men had since they were in the United States when this happened.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin decided that they would fight the case. They knew that they would be able to do this because they had a lot of money and because they were confident that they didn’t do anything wrong.

This was something that they had been doing for years and never once had they been charged and sentenced for crimes that were associated with them doing things like publishing information about different things in the corruption of law enforcement facilities. They made the decision to fight it and they were able to win thanks to the fact that they really didn’t do anything wrong. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

One thing that the men knew is that they didn’t want anyone else to have to deal with the same problems that they did. They also knew that some people would not be able to fight the charges in the way that they did.

 Jim and Michael got a huge settlement from the sheriff’s office for the damages that they had to deal with as a result. Instead of using the settlement for their own good, they decided to create the Frontera Fund for the good of everyone else who may have to deal with human rights violations in the future.


Two new Companies Founded by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Front Page Confidential launched in August of 2017. Their first article was by about an alleged online prostitution ring. Stephen Lemons, the author of the article explained that a judge had ruled in favor of the defendant and no charges were going to be seen through.


This type of publication was a breath of fresh air for the owners of the paper. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were fresh off a multi-year legal battle against Maricopa County. The lawsuit was filed by the journalists because of an illegal arrest perpetrated by the county’s sheriff.


At their previous newspaper, the Phoenix New Times, they targeted Joe Arpaio, the Sheriff of Maricopa County, with their investigative pieces. They published content that accused Joe Arpaio of police brutality, abusing his position, and even revealed assets that were being hid by Joe Arpaio. Joe Arpaio believed he figured out how to have them arrested after Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin published an article that revealed the contents of court documents;however, a judge ruled the arrest a first amendment rights violation, and the journalists were free to sue.


A brand new newspaper wasn’t the only thing founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They also stepped foot into the world of philanthropy in a major way. They created The Frontera Fund as a way to help the people who had been wronged by Joe Arpaio for so many years. The Frontera Fund works with Hispanic-focused charities to provide relief for thousands of people in and around Arizona.


Caring for the Community

Sam Boraie serves as the vice president of the renowned real estate development company, Boraie Development. This corporation is credited for completing multiple projects in New Brunswick. Omar Boraie, the founder of Boraie Development, has played a crucial role in enhancing the economy of New Brunswick considering that his properties have attracted many people to the town. The city’s multi-use facilities have retail and office spaces, and apartments. Today, the company continues to undertake different projects in Atlantic City and Newark. Over the years, Boraie Development has partnered with different personalities, including Shaquille O’Neal to construct properties in the city.

Sam is the son of Omar Boraie. The Egyptian-born investor in real estate introduced Sam, his brother and sister to the business during their formative years. To this end, Omar’s children have been able to provide transformative leadership, which has enhanced the company’s undertakings in New Jersey and its environs. In addition, Sam has zeroed in on finding new developments ( with the objective of augmenting the economy of the region. His brother and sister also serve as vice presidents of the company. Under his leadership, Boraie Development has developed strategic plans of revamping Atlantic City. The company is planning to build both housing and retail markets. In addition, they have undertaken to enhance the open space around the Revel Casino Hotel Tower.

Sam has been in charge of the company’s business development division. Through his ideas, he has helped the company to spearhead the acquisition of different companies. In addition, the executive has been using his extensive network to augment the firm’s asset base. His exceptional marketing skills have enabled Boraie Development to sell out its projects, reveals Bloomberg. Besides working for Boraie Development, Sam has continued to participate in different philanthropic activities. The consummate humanitarian has been serving on the Elijah’s Promise advisory board. This nonprofit company, which is based in New Brunswick, has been empowering people with the intent of alleviating hunger and poverty.

For the past 28 years, Elijah’s Promise has been giving food to the most vulnerable community members of Central New Jersey. The entity runs a culinary arts school, community soup kitchen pay-as-you-can café and catering business. Over the years, Elijah’s Promise has connected low-income families and individuals with health and social services. Courtesy of community partners, donors and volunteers, the organization has been able serve over 100,000 meals annually. In addition, the foundation has trained previously unskilled workers for different careers in the vast food service industry. In this firm, Sam Boraie plays a pivotal role of planning for its future objectives.

Additionally, Sam has been involved in the affairs of State Theatre of New Jersey. He is an active member of the board of trustees ( of the theatre where he serves with other businessmen. The theatre is regarded as a local cultural phenomenon because it engages in production of many plays each year in New Brunswick and its environs. Over the years, the entity has been relying heavily on charitable donations. Much of these resources have been contributed by Sam, the larger Boraie family and Boraie Development.

Caring for the Community, Seniors Needs

The caring Star is an award program that honors stellar assisted living and memory care centers. Apart from bestowing honor on an assisted living facility, the data report accompanying the award helps both the assisted living centers and consumers of their service in decision making. The award relies on the level of care accorded by a center to its subjects based on customer reviews. It, therefore, helps a facility identify its areas of weaknesses and address them as well as assist the community in making right decisions on the facility that adequately caters for their senior’s needs.

The Manse on Marsh caring star award

The Manse on Marsh, a senior assisted living facility in California, received the most recent caring star award for its assisted living care planning system. The center fulfilled all the requirements necessary for consideration by the caring star award selection panel. These included an overall four stars rating from total site reviewers as well as more than three positive reviews in the preceding 12 years, one of which must have a five-star rating. Additionally, the center must have minimal negative reviews, all of which must have been adequately addressed.

How the community relies on the award in decision-making

Community and family members can use the caring star award reports to make informed decisions on the type and level of care they accord the seniors in their care. makes decision making easier on the part of families with older people in need of specialized care by drafting a list of the facilities with the most reliable reviews and carefully planned care programs.

About The Manse on Marsh assisted care facility

The elder care facility is located in San Luis Obispo, CA and has been in operation for close to two decades. Borrowing from his wealth of experience in senior care center operations and management, the campus owner, Chris Skiff played a vital role in ensuring the facility met all the senior care standards required a modern care center.

The facility runs on a nationally acknowledged assisted care system that has been carefully blended into a home-town setting. Seniors at the facility are provided with spacious flats and private residence with maid and laundry services as well as a nurse on staff with discrete personalized assistance.

Caring for the Community

It’s not everyday that an assisted living center is picked as one of the nations best. However, that is the case with Manse on Marsh and with good reason too. Once you have experienced this community you will understand why they got this prestigious award. For those who don’t know, the Manse On Marsh is an independent and assisted living community that serves Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo areas. This is the second consecutive year that the center got the ‘Caring Star” award. This award is awarded to centers who provide the high quality senior living services that people want and need.

Some of the amenities of Manse on Marsh include flats that are spacious and private homes, open dining that is restaurant quality, social activities and so much more. The staff is full of attentive caregivers and personal assistants who are eager to help in any way they can. The center has laundry assistance, transportation and even it’s own movie theatre. The residents and their family members can experience movie night with popcorn. The movies that are shown are everything from current movies to the classics of years gone by. The movies just add to the over all experience.

Let’s face it, running The Manse on Marsh is hard work and winning this award lets the staff know that they are on track with the expectations of the families, residents and local community. This feedback is vital to the CEO and Executive Director Mr. Logan Sexton. Mr. Sexton uses this valuable information from the community, residents and their family to make the facility run better during it’s day to day operations.

If you know of anyone who needs assisted living care in the San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, Paso Robles or surrounding areas, you might want to suggest that they set up a tour at Manse on Marsh. This award winning center really cares about their reputation and the care of the people the serve. Why not have a look around at this amazing center while it is fresh in you mind. You will quickly realize why they are the recipient of this award for the second year in a row.