FullCycle Energy Fund has recently named Sam Tabar as COO. Sam has met this opportunity with enthusiasm and joy. He is planning to forming a partnership with the talents of the senior leadership team. His ultimate goal is to lower the costs of fuels and finding cleaner alternatives to the current fuels that are being offered to consumers. This opportunity is looking to be a change of pace for Sam Tabar who has previously worked as a budget overseer for financial institutions. Among the institutions he has worked for is Merril Lynch where he dealt with foundations, endowments, family offices, fund of funds and pensions. He has also dealt with the back office and front office teams.

Tabar was also an attorney to go along with his financial management experience. He later started work as a private venture capitalist. He invested in Tribute and SheThinx. He was one of the first set of investors in these companies. He provided the company assistance as it has given a major influence to the industry of feminine hygiene. Sam Tabar is also helping to empower women.  Sam is also on GoFundMe where he is working to help AWI make things happen.

With Sam Tabar’s new opportunity as COO for FullCircle Energy Fund, he is going to be a good influence to the company as they look for solution to the financial issues and air quality. Not only will he help the company come up with a new alternative that is a lot more affordable than the current offerings, but he will help take care of the problems with air. He will also help save the company money with his financial skills that he has utilized throughout his career.


Unemployment is one of the major problems of the modern world. Most youths today, have fallen victim to this and Newark community is not an exception. In a bid to address this problem, Kevin Seawright has led a program to assist in securing job for youths within the locale.

The program, once rolled out, intends to offer six weeks of paid summer work experience. It will cut across various activities ranging from empowerment lectures, financial literacy lessons and training on college readiness.

How to apply

Application for the program takes place online Seawright identified on Twitter. Here the prospective participant is supposed to fill out a form and submit it to the related website. In the past, the process took about six weeks, but with online application, it is quite faster and takes only thirty minutes to complete.

Target goals

The first goal is to increase the number of student employment opportunities. 2016 should be a year that an additional 500 jobs are to be created to take the number up from 3000 to 3500 job opportunities. Acquisition of financial literacy is the other goal of the program. Wright reiterates that this is a basic skill which will pave way for financial success after joining the professional workforce.

Projected time period

The program will run for duration of six weeks. It will kick off in July 5th and run through august 16th same year. Program participants will be required to pay a minimum wage to their student employees during its operation. This is meant to act as a motivating factor.

Professional experience of Kevin Stewart

Previously, Seawright had some experience working with the department of recreation and parks in Maryland as the financial officer. Here, he was tasked with managing a huge funding estimated at over $50 million. He then moved to the educational sector ad was charged with the responsibility of constructing huge budgets.

Similarly, he also took part in solving construction and infrastructural issues. Seawright also served in Collington life Care Community as the Director of operations.

The professional experience gathered earlier on makes the right person to steer the program towards a successful completion. Currently, Kevin is the executive vice president of Newark community economic development corporation.

The organization acts as the primary economic development agency in one of New Jersey’s largest city, Newark. The participants therefore, are looking forward to having a turnaround in their lives, something which will bring hope to the future of Newark City.


Bloomberg Business recently reported that Argentina will be rejoining the global investment market. They will be releasing their nearly 12 billion dollars of debt onto the market. One company that will be buying up quite a bit of that debt is Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital is very excited about these new securities because securities from Argentina, at least for the past 2 years, have been providing returns of around 20 percent.

Argentina’s new president is attempting to do this in order to regain some economic stability after the previous president’s poor policies. The main surprise has been the amount of investors who are saying that they would like to reinvest in Argentina. It was expected that as soon as many were paid out, they would take the money and go to other markets. However, the returns from other emerging markets are nothing compared to what investors are able to see in Argentina.

The debt is expected to be released into the New York market in April after Judge Thomas Griesa lifts the ban that has been on the country since 2001. It was 15 years ago that the country defaulted on 95 billion dollars

James Dondero and his firm, Highland Capital, having been investing in emerging markets for years now. Jim Dondero was actually one of the pioneers of creating collateralized loan obligation markets and the same for collateralized debt obligations. Jim knew that when he started his firm, he needed to do something that would create a niche market for the firm and its investors. So they combined this type of investing with creating credit oriented solutions for investors in all different parts of the globe. Now Highland Capital provides every service from CLOs and private equity funds to mutual funds and hedge funds. They also provide ETFs, REITs and institutional separate accounts.

Over the years James has worked for different companies and then went out and started his own with Highland Capital. He has earned certification as a Certified Management Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Public Accountant.

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