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Paul Mampilly uses his knowledge and experience as a successful investor to help average Americans become financially secure. He spent many years working on Wall Street as a portfolio manager for Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank, and ING before he became a hedge fund manager for Kinetics Asset Management. Kinetics Asset Management was one of the best performing hedge funds under Paul Mampilly’s management, which led to Barron’s naming this hedge fund as being one of the “World’s Best.” He wanted to spend more time with his family, so he left Wall Street and started working as a researcher and financial analyst while helping average people become better investors.

Paul Mampilly started a newsletter called Profits Unlimited when he joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016. This newsletter reaches over 90,000 subscribers each month and provides them with guidance on new investment opportunities and stock buying/selling recommendations. Subscribers can also follow the newsletter’s model portfolio, which is tracked by Paul. He is also a weekly columnist for Winning Investor Daily and manages two stock trading services.

Paul Mampilly recently sat down for an interview with Enterprise Radio’s Eric Dye to discuss his career on Wall Street and his career as a publisher, advisor, and educator. Paul stated that he maintains a similar routine that he had while he was working on Wall Street. His daily routine consists of 12 to 14 hours of reading, tracking the stocks he recommends to his readers, researching companies, and studying how market sentiment affects stock prices.

Paul Mampilly said that the biggest change he has seen in the stock market over the past 20 years is the use of computers. He said that computers have leveled the playing field for average investors who are going up against institutional investors because average investors now have access to the same tools that institutional investors use. Leveling the playing field for average investors has been Paul’s goal since he left Wall Street.

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In November 2014, Fortress Investment Group started New Fortress Energy to handle infrastructure and natural gas in Jamaica. The company ran by Wes Edens officially filed for its IPO, Initial Public Offering on November 9, 2018, but the company did not disclose the date of the IPO. Since its innovation, the company has grown tremendously to become one of the leading gas to power companies in the region. Apart from the first terminal in Jamaica, New Fortress Energy has other terminals in Ireland, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. The terminal in Jamaica receives its by-products from another facility owned by New Fortress that operates in Miami, Florida. Wes Edens is hopeful that the company will have ten more liquefaction facilities by 2023. The company hopes to raise over $100 million through the impending IPO.

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The reason for looking for funding through the IPO is due to the plans of new investment projects in the company’s strategy. One such project is the proposed Baja California Sur plant construction in Mexico. The terminal for importing liquefied gas is in the hands of a developer for a long-term contractor basis. The contractor will construct, develop, and operate the terminal at the Pichilingue port. On July 19, 2018, Wes Edens handed the $184 million project to Port Authority of Baja California Sur. The project is set to commence by 2020 marking the terminal as the first of its kind in Baja California Sur upon completion. The plant will have a positive impact on the community because it will force the existing power plants to reduce power costs by up to 30 percent. New Fortress will collaborate with the officials, industries and the community in the development of the new project. Another plant owned by Fortress New Energy is the 120-MW plant at Montego Bay.

Wes Edens started Fortress Investment Group in 1998 with an initial capital of $400 million and 30 employees. Currently, the company has 1,200 employees, and its assets total to $72 billion. The company offers investment strategies to institutional and private customers globally. Edens continues to expand the company by initiating different new projects frequently. The idea of investing in the Jamaica Liquefied Natural gas came to help the community to stop using dirty fuel and adopt natural gas. The company hopes that The IPO will benefit future projects in a significant way.

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Flavio Maluf has for several years been a significant player in the Brazilian agribusiness sector for several years. The 67-year-old is the Chairman and CEO of Eucatex, a business venture that specializes in the production of doors, floors, partitions, paints, varnishes MDP and MDF panels and wood fiber sheets, from Brazil. Eucatex is one of the largest producers of the products mentioned above in Brazil and uses Eucalyptus as its raw material. Read more on Business and Economics about FlavioMaluf

The Sustainability Goal

Since its inception in 1951, the Sao Paulo based company under the leadership of Flavio Maluf has focused on practices that not only ensure self-sufficiency but also guarantee environmental production and ultimate sustainability. One of such practices has been the efforts in reforestation and investments in land. In the same spirit, Eucatex partners with cities in São Paulo in an initiative dubbed “Casa da Natureza,” an Environmental Education program targeting students in public schools. The program, which has attracted close to 27,000 visitors since it started, was fronted to create awareness and emphasize the need for forests protection, preservation of the environment and the benefits of eucalyptus as a raw material. With the recognition of the threat of fire, Eucatex invests in fire protection mechanisms, such as the construction of fire breaks.

Community Service

In addition to the sustainability objective, Eucatex strives to improve community members’ quality of life and wellbeing, through initiatives that seek to address their socio-economic needs. Through an Apiculture program, people from living in the vicinity of Eucatex farms benefit from income generated from activities like bee-keeping. The community around is empowered through the creation of about one thousand jobs and benefit the local economy

Flavio Maluf has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a background in mechanical engineering. He studied at the prestigious Fundação Armando AlvaresPenteado (FAAP) Brazil.

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InnovaCare Health is one of the leading providers of Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice services. The headquarters of the company is located in Fort Lee, NJ. Most of its operations are in Puerto Rico. The leadership of InnovaCare Health comprises CEO Rick Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides. The two leaders lead the company towards the provision of quality healthcare services at an affordable rate. The two are instrumental in the growth of this company. They have made sure that there is a significant development in the company so that they can meet the needs of as many people as possible. So far, InnovaCare Health has over 500,000 people who subscribe to their services.

CEO Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is one of the most experienced professionals in this company. He is well- educated since he holds a B.S from the University of California and a medical degree from New York University. He also has an MBA from the University of Redlands. With the strong background in education, he is definitely up to the task of making sure that people get the best services. She started his career as a pulmonologist in California. This marked the start of a high flying career in the healthcare industry. He has since then been featured among the TOP 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare in 2018.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is another instrumental leader at InnovaCare Health. She joined this company in 2015 after gathering experience of two decades from other organizations. She has held top positions in other organizations such as Centerlight Healthcare, Touchstone Health, and AmeriChoice. Some of the senior positions he has held include vice president and chief operating officer. In her career, she has mostly worked in the field of managed care and strategic planning.

Penelope Kokkinides holds biological sciences and classical languages degree from Binghamton University. Penelope holds a masters in Social Work from New York University and a degree in Public Health from Columbia University.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is boosting the performance of the healthcare sector by equipping physicians with modern and innovative solutions. It has created a network of over 7,500 providers to help the clients get the value for the services needed.

For over a decade now, the company has striven to offer high quality and affordable services. These two rarely go together, but InnovaCare is making it possible for them to work. Currently. The providers working with InnovaCare are covering over 500,000 people.

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Purchasing Fortress Investment Group may seem like a strange purchase for tech-giant SoftBank to make, but it may end up fitting in perfectly with their plans to expand into finances alongside their other endeavors. When the acquisition was first announced, many were completely surprised and had not been expecting it at all. SoftBank has plans to build themselves up to be one of the biggest investments firms around the globe and getting the expertise that Fortress has to offer is a great step to complete their goal.

The acquisition was made for $3.3 billion but they don’t believe that Fortress Investment Group will be changing much when it comes to how their daily business operations. The investment group has a considerable amount of assets under their management and SoftBank has stated that they plan to not interfere with it. This is good news for everyone as Fortress has been able to thrive when left to their own devices. This is why it is so important that they will be able to take their company private once again under their new ownership. Visit to learn more.

Their ability to operate independently is one of the reasons why purchasing the company first became so appealing to SoftBank. While Fortress Investment Group will largely be left alone to pursue their goals independently, they will still be able to offer a lot of returns for SoftBank. They respect the Fortress Investment Group for their abilities and know that their experience will help their financial world efforts as well.

While there are a lot of businesses that may not want to be removed from the NYSE, they see it as an opportunity to be able to make the decisions that will be good for the company’s long-term goals instead of just trying to satisfy the market. They recently invested in a private railroad company based out of Florida. There are already plans to expand their travel options to other cities including those in different states around the country. Unlike other forms of transportation, the comfort of their customers is important. There are even amenities like free internet and charging ports for phones and other devices.



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Would you believe it if I told you that there’s a food processing company that has been around for 100 years? Would you believe that this company is headquartered in the state of Illinois? OSI Food Solutions is the name of the food processor, and it has been able to withstand the test of time. Being a food wholesaler isn’t easy at all. There are a lot of mechanics that goes on behind the scenes that the public doesn’t get a chance to witness. If all of the food processors in the world shut down, then society would come crashing to a sudden halt.

OSI Food Solutions has been able to succeed throughout the decades because it has evolved with the times. This company has progressively changed with each generation. On the other hand, OSI has progressively changed to meet the demands of society. In its early days, the company specialized in the production and selling of meat products. By doing so, the company was able to build long-standing relationships that have played a crucial role in its success today. McDonald’s, a popular hamburger chain, just so happened to be one of the wholesaler’s top clients. OSI Food Solutions has even built a facility that caters to the production of hamburgers. In 1973, this particular facility was built in West Chicago.

Cryogenics has also helped the company to expand even more because the meats could travel for farther distances. This flash-freeze technology was heaven-sent as the company exploded with more proficient cost reduction. OSI Food Solutions’ Spain factory has more than doubled its production of beef and chicken. The company spent up to $17 million on a high-capacity production line, and this addition has made a world of difference. In 2017, OSI Food Solutions processed more than 45,000 tons of beef, pork and chicken.

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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is a medical doctor who turned into a businessman about four decades ago. He is the chairman of the board of Directors at CAOA, a car manufacturing, and distribution company. He was born In Joao Pessoa, Brazil. During the days he served as a physician, he was a valued physician in North Brazil.

He joined the business in 1979 after the collapse of a distribution company that was supposed to deliver a Ford Landau to him. He then made a proposal that the dealership is handed to him as compensation since the distributor was bankrupt. The proposal was approved, and he created CAOA, a company whose name came from the initials of his name Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. Within five years of operation, CAOA was the leading dealer of Ford in Brazil.

The Brazil government allowed importation of vehicles in 1992, and Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade saw the opportunity to do business. Later on, that year, CAOA won the importation rights of Renault to Brazil and made it the leading in imported models. Renault got to Brazil and took over the importation rights that later dropped in ranking.

CAOA took over official importation rights Japanese brand Subaru in 1998. Within months, Subaru’s dealership in Brazil was done by CAOA, and the sales tripled. Hyundai is another model that was being sold in Brazil but wasn’t successful, under Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade the sales increased systematically and in 1999 it was the leading in import segment.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade had dreams of having his factory. In 2007, the CAOA-Hyundai partnership allowed him to build an auto manufacturer in Annapolis, in Goias. The location was chosen strategically by Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade because of the geographical location that makes it easier to distribute across Brazil.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade won the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year in Industry’ Award in 2007 after making his dream come true. Later on, in 2012, he won the ‘Distributor of the Year’ Award given by Hyundai parent company, beating 179 other distributors. CAOA was also ranked as the top company in sales and after sales in 2014 and 2017.


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Ryan Seacrest was the young, energetic host of American Idol. Being in his early 40s, he is still relatively young. In fact, despite the fact that he has aged, he looks pretty much the same as when he was young—the only exception being that he has a few more wrinkles. He looks a lot better than a lot of people who are younger than him. This is because of the fact that he keeps a close eye on what he puts into his body and how much he exercises. If anyone is keeping the Twinkie and junk food industries going, it is not Ryan Seacrest. He is thin and muscular, though he is not a freakishly huge muscleman.

Ryan Seacrest’s line of work demands discipline and careful thought. In the effort of efficiently operating in his life, he has learned how to spend time and make decisions. For example, he realized that upon learning about a question or a problem, he does not have to automatically come up with a solution. He knows that it is okay to give decision-making some time, and that he tends to make better decisions during certain parts of the day. Ryan Seacrest knows that you can’t rush things, and that you have to go with the flow of the day. His attention deficit disorder has especially led him to this understanding.

Ryan Seacrest, radio show host, is actively involved in philanthropic pursuits. He started the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, an organization that works to ease the suffering of children in pediatric hospitals. The organization places media equipment in designated areas for children to play with. These designated areas are watched by young adults who go to college for journalism. Both sick children and college students mutually benefit from the work that the Ryan Seacrest Foundation does.

It is good that Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is helping out college students because, nowadays, college students are getting the short end of the stick. Many of them are suffering from student loans, job competition and competition for experience. He is really giving a leg up to young adults by giving them this opportunity.


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Jeff Aronin is a conscientious individual who has long been part of the entrepreneurship world. Although he’s without a doubt a highly seasoned entrepreneur, his mind is always full of many things that go far beyond business matters. He commits a lot of effort to thinking about all of the things that he can do to cater to other human beings. He’s the head of a company that’s called Paragon Biosciences. He’s actually its current Chief Executive Officer. Paragon Biosciences, in a nutshell, is the name of an investment and biotechnology firm. Jeff Aronin launched this business in order to accommodate individuals who suffer from all kinds of uncommon and intricate medical conditions. He wishes to accommodate individuals who have conditions that lack therapeutic treatments that are confirmed.


Jeff Aronin has been part of the comprehensive biotechnology sector for decades now. Since he has a lot of proficiency on his side, he can come up with sophisticated studying methods that are suitable for the management of conditions that are few and far between in this world. People who are Jeff Aronin’s colleagues in many cases admire him greatly.


Learning has been a key part of Jeff Aronin’s vocation so far. He made a big decision long after starting his medical care journey. This decision was to begin a firm independently. Jeff Aronin finally took the plunge in 2000 right after the new millennium began. That’s exactly when he set up Ovation Pharmaceuticals. Lundbeck is a highly regarded firm that comes from the Scandinavian nation of Denmark. It acquired Ovation Pharmaceuticals roughly nine years later. Lundbeck wanted Jeff Aronin to function as its Chief Executive Officer for a while.


Paragon Biosciences is putting together an expanding system of many diverse businesses. Harmony Biosciences is on Paragon’s radar, too. This is a firm that predominantly concentrates on all kinds of research matters that influence society. It’s now attempting to make medicines that can cater to individuals who suffer from conditions such as cataplexy and narcolepsy. People who have pertinent conditions that involve the central nervous system may be able to employ the company’s offerings.


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For the last handful of years, Dr. Mark McKenna of Atlanta, Georgia has placed the focus of his work on building up his OVME clinics. The goal behind OVME has been to develop a new type of clinic that can truly provide the highest level of service to its patients. OVME strives to provide its patients with the options that they are looking for. All of this revolutionary work is being overseen by Dr. Mark McKenna. he is a trained medical doctor who is licensed to practice both medicine and surgery. His revolutionary OVME concept works on the basis of streamlining elective surgery processes. OVME offers a level of convenience that is truly changing the industry.

It would be hard for anyone to argue that it is anything other than fact that technology has rapidly transformed the world over the last handful of decades. Virtually every sector in the world of business has been affected by the presence of technological advancement. Dr. Mark McKenna has made it a point to fully embrace new and evolving technologies in his medical practices. He is a firm believer that technology only serves to enhance the medical profession and he is resolute that the best is yet to come.

In the spirit of harnessing technology, Dr. Mark McKenna is an avid proponent of on-demand apps. Many of these apps are now available for medical patients. This is a revolutionary and innovative method of connecting providers and patients with one another and it is all much more convenient than it has ever been before. These sort of apps are really revolutionary when considering their benefits to patiets that are from areas that are in remote locations. Mark McKenna and OVME are really revolutionizing the medical world with the way that he is utilizing these sorts of on-demand apps to provide services for his patients.