Bottled Water

Waiakea water is one of the most successful brands of bottled water today. The company started just a few years back but has emerged in the industry. Their popularity can be credited to the fact that they are much different than any other bottled water company on the market. They have made a few outstanding accomplishments that have set them apart from their competition.

The first aspect about the Waiakea that makes them so unique is their water bottle. The water bottles created by this company are different than any other water bottle today. There are two main factors that make the bottles so interesting. First, the bottles are made from entirely post recycled plastic. The company wants to help the environment by creating a more eco friendly bottle. The bottles that this company creates does not require any more additional plastic material to be produced. The next aspect that makes these bottles so interesting is the speed at which they are able to degrade. Traditional water bottles take around 1,500 years to naturally break down in the environment. The reason that there is such a big push for recycling is because plastics like this are beginning to harm the environment. The bottle created by the Waiakea company takes only a mere 15 years to degrade. The technology that this company has put into this product is amazingly economical.

Another unique aspect about this company is their water. The water is very pure. It is also surprisingly natural. Before the water is collected it passes through thousands of feet of volcanic rock. The process naturally filters the water and enriches it with minerals. The water is ready to drink upon its collection and isn’t altered whatsoever by the company. It has a pH level that is ideal for consumption. It also tastes very clean.

The company does one more thing that sets them apart. They help others through charitable services. Founder Ryan Emmoms promised that for every liter that the company sells, they would donate a weeks supply of water to a family in need of clean drinking water.