ClassDojo is an Ed-Tech company that is turning the world of students and parents around. It was founded in 2011 by two determined individuals, namely Sam Chaundhary and Liam Don. They had a vision of improving the education sector in the United States. Being a startup, it recently raised 21 million dollars in the second round of funding, and it will use the funds in implementing various positive projects in the market.


ClassDojo in conjunction with Stanford’s Project that has been positive in the society is working on videos that teachers will use to introduce the idea of mindset growth among the children. It is with this kind of determination that Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) are working with ClassDojo to improve the mindset of students while at school.


Most of the ideas have come from observing teachers as they try to bring the ideas of mindset to the students at schools using YouTube videos. The research, therefore, has input data that is received from teachers and educators to succeed in producing the right outcome. It has incorporated videos of monsters that introduce the idea of having a positive mindset and feeling that an individual is worth in any sector.


From various pilot tests that have been done it has proved that students have liked the videos and since they are visual they bring the reality to the children. Positivity in the children’s thinking is the main idea that the research and the app are all about. Children should be self-confident and believe that they have all that it takes to succeed. For those students struggling to learn, it is also the time that they are encouraged about the reality of life that anybody can attain much if they so wish to.


ClassDojo is a company that is currently run by 25 employees since it is a non-profit making institution. Its primary focus was to develop the right tools that could be used by parents and teachers so that they can easily communicate. So far two out of three schools in the United States are using the application, and it is changing the classroom scenarios to a positive culture among the students.


When parents are aware of what is going to the school, they begin to appreciate the efforts that the teachers put into their work. It, therefore, makes learning and appreciation of what they do to be perfected. ClassDojo is planning to extend its applications to serve other purposes with more funding in the future.


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Spring cleaning as the name suggests involves housekeeping and cleaning during springtime. It is especially common in areas that experience freezing winters. Spring cleaning includes the thorough cleaning of the house and it has become a very common practice. Cleaning is done high and wide around the house to reach the places that are not readily available for regular cleaning. It is done on windows, mattresses, carpets, ceiling and every inch of the house. Spring cleaning is usually quite a tedious job that requires time. To make spring cleaning easier there are enterprises which offer these services for hire.

Handy is one of the companies that provide cleaning services for those who are not able to do it themselves. Handy has been operational for a while and it has credible and reliable professionals who work diligently to provide satisfactory service. Handy performs background checks and ensures their employees insured to instill confidence of customers on safety and security. Employees are very experienced hence the clients are assured a good job will be done. Handy is widely dedicated to efficiency and effectiveness and they have online booking in place for convenience. After booking it is possible to schedule a cleaning appointment any day. Furthermore, you can have your house cleaned the next day after booking. In situations where the client is not satisfied with the work done the money is refunded fully.

Handy is a private company that was founded in 2012 to provide cleaning services. Its founders are Umang Dua, Oisin Hanrahan, Ignacio Leonhardt and Weina Scott who first called it Handybook. The company’s name was changed to Handy in September 2014 after it rebranded. The company provides not only cleaning services but also handyman services like plumbing. The company highly operates online by providing booking options and information about it and its services. It works in U.K, USA, and Canada in about 28 cities. The company has more than 200 people under its employment with approximately 10000 cleaners under its payroll. The company provides satisfactory cleaning services such that customers rebook an appointment each time they need cleaning. Handy’s cleaning services are extensive and available anytime which includes spring cleaning.

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We make friends fast when we get to choose from a large selection of people that meet our interests. It is fun to use an engaging social media application that allows you to explore pictures of possible future friends. The application that I use to meet new people allows me to see their interests, and it helps match me with people that meet my interests. I am looking for a certain type of person to date, and I like that this application that I use matches me precisely with the right types of people that I am looking for. It also helps me make new friends that are not of the romantic persuasion by suggesting them to me when I provide that type of search criteria. The application that I am referring to is called Skout.

New Article About Skout

In a recent post by Adweek, the journalist talks about how easy Skout is to use, and they also discuss a number of features that Skout has that I was unaware of until reading the article. I have been using Skout for several months now, and I meet people regularly in real life by first introducing myself on Skout. We talk on the Skout messenger before meeting in real life for until we are comfortable enough to meet in person, of course. I am always safe about the people that I meet on Skout and other social media websites.

Skout has been upgrading their platform to include some really enticing new features that make it more engaging and more satisfying to use. I was unaware of some of the features until I read the Adweek article that talks all about them. One of the new features that I find compelling is called Wink Bomb, and it allows you to send a wink to multiple people at once.

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Securus Technologies has created an app that will connect inmates with their families. The Securus Video Visitation app is available on both Android and Apple devices. The app has already been downloaded 60,000 times on Android devices, and 5,000 on Apple devices. Remote visitation allows an innovative, convenient way for families and friends to reach their loved ones who are incarcerated. The inmate communication technology is a new approach to allowing inmates to connect to the outside world as an alternative to in person visitation. 

The app gives the inmate’s family or friend the ability to save time on travel, time and money by allowing the visitation to happen virtually. The Securus Video Visitation is only available at select facilities and based on the availability of devices. For those seeking to use this option, they must have a computer, smartphone or tablet and a high speed internet connection. In order to have access to the virtual visitation option, the inmate or the visitation requester must schedule visitation in advance. Other features of the virtual visitation app includes visitation calendar syncing, alerts for upcoming visits and the ability to optimize app function by monitoring WiFi quality and device connection capability.

Securus Technologies was established in Dallas, Texas, where it’s current headquarters is still located today. They have served the corrections industry for over 30 years, providing secure and effective technology to improve the system for the incarcerated individuals and workers of the justice system. They currently serve over 34,000 criminal justice and corrections facilities across the country. Their visual communication programs, including the Video Visitation app, are used by 1.2 million inmates in 48 states in the United States. They have other offices in Carrolton, TX, Allen, TX and Atlanta, GA. 

With a new sales executive at the helm, Securus hopes to increase their client base. In December 2015, Josh Bell was appointed as the Senior Vice President of Sales. His past history of invigorating company sales records has made him a suitable choice for the position. He formerly worked for tech companies IBM and AT&T. Through presentations of their services and under new leadership, the company hopes to improve their training program of sales members and to share their products and services to facility heads. Once their products have been presented through a professional technological approach, Securus’ goal is to increase the amount of facility contracts secured. 

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