Bridget Scarr Commanding Immense Respect in Writing and Creative Production

Bridget Scarr is a high-flying writer and creative producer. She is famed for producing spectacular content that is suitable for various platforms. Bridget is the founder and current head of Colibri Studios; she is in charge of content development, strategy and partnerships. Her role involves working with different partners and stakeholders who range from international broadcasters to project managers to actualize projects.


For more than a decade and a half, Bridget has worked as an executive producer where she has managed to amass valuable experience in advertising, television and animation, which has been pivotal in sharpening her skills in digital content, television, virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive exhibition.


In one of her interviews with ideamensch, Bridget Scarr shared with his fans valuable information and insights. Bridget highlighted the driving force behind his well-performing company- Colibri Studios. While she worked as a TV producer, she spent most of her time breathing life to other people’s ideas. After shifting gears to assume a role of a creative content developer, she discovered that she needed a force that would help her bring her ideas to life; this informed her decision to establish Colibri Studios. Bridget Scarr attests that the studio has served her interests well in developing her own projects.


Bridget is known for bringing into life very captivating ideas that leave many of her fans wondering the source of such ideas. According to the seasoned writer and creative producer, her ideas are hinged on the nature and inspiration behind the project. In her interview, she went ahead to give an example of the project she is currently undertaking. Her example vividly captures the path in which Bridget has to walk to make a particular project real.


Bridget Scarr also shared top ingredients that have hastened and sustained her entrepreneurial success. She says that meditation in addition to continuous nurturing of the spirit of her business path is what has made her successful in business. She advises young entrepreneurs to shun fear and trust the journey they have chosen to walk. However, she assures inspiring business people that they will have to endure setbacks that they may face as they struggle to build successful ventures. For Bridget, her first business collapsed subjecting her to financial and emotional difficulties.


Bridget is a lover of all forms of content. She believes that content has the capacity to change the world in numerous ways. If you will not find her developing a television project, then you are likely to find her engrossed in writing a novel or music.


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