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Better Business Bureau Rates Securus Technologies Highly

On May 12, 2016, we, Securus Technologies, received accreditation by Better Business Bureau. We are the current leading technology solutions provider for both civil and criminal justice.

While making the heartwarming announcement, our senior vice president of the operations, Danny de Hoyos said Securus is working towards formal accreditation in both what we say and print. Mr. Danny further explained Securus has worked together with Better Business Bureau to meet certain standards.

List of Securus standards

Some of the standards we strive to achieve include building trust, advertising honestly, telling the truth and being transparent. Other equally important criteria include honoring promises, being responsive, safeguarding privacy and embodying integrity. We train Securus representatives using these standards.

Securus Domestic call center

To improve our customer relations to reach over twenty-five million people, Securus established a two hundred and twenty seat in-house local call center. This move provides us more control on our customer service relations. On an average, our representatives respond to about two and a half million calls every month. Securus Customer satisfaction has received four point three rating out of five. The high rating is a result of our commitment to our clients and meeting Better Business Bureau standards.

Securus accreditation benefits

As stated by Mr. Danny de Hoyos, accreditation to us means Better Business Bureau verified, confirmed and is entirely convinced Securus is a leading full sector solutions provider. It means we have the largest team in the industry with over one thousand three hundred associates and we still meet the set standards.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Richard A. Smith, acknowledged accreditation could also mean our actions complements our words and we can prove it. Mr. Smith explained our satisfaction with Better Business Bureau’s methods.

More about Securus Technologies

With our headquarters in Dallas, Texas, we serve more than three thousand four hundred and fifty customers. These clients are spread across law enforcement, public safety, and law enforcement agencies. We are committed to connecting with what matters.