Betsy DeVos Wants To Give Every American Family The Opportunity To Attend A Safe And Effective School

Many people have heard the term educational choice, but not many of them truly understand what it means. Betsy DeVos knows what it means, and she has been fighting to give every American family the opportunity to send their kids to a school of their choosing. Educational choice really means freedom. It is the freedom to not have to watch as your child is forced to attend a school based simply upon the zip code of where their home is located. Since many public schools in today’s society are breeding grounds for violence and frustration, DeVos wants to give children a way out.


In the state of Michigan, she has fought to pass legislation that will allow public funds to be used to pay for the tuition fees of private schools and charter schools. She has also supported schools like Potter’s House Christian School, which is a private school that serves an economically challenged community. She supported the school’s mission by making donations to the school directly and by helping to pay the tuition of some of the children whose families couldn’t afford to do so. In Florida, she has been a part of massive changes in the state. In fact, 50,000 students are now attending a school of their family’s choosing partly because of her efforts their.


In 2015, Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick DeVos, donated more than $3 million to educational causes. This was done through their charitable arm the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The $3 million accounted for close to %25 of their giving that year, and they continue to donate plenty to educational causes today. Betsy DeVos is known as a woman who gets out there and gets her hands dirty by becoming directly involved with the changes she hopes to see. In Florida, this involved her making an appearance with the rapper Pitbull. The reason for her visit with him in the state of Florida was related to a charter school he started up.


Betsy DeVos attended a private Christian school, herself, during her school years and later studied at Calvin College; a private Christian college. A lot of her inspiration to make educational changes comes from the Dutch community of Holland, Michigan that she grew up in. Many of the people in her hometown supported and continue to support educational choice. Now that she has a national audience as Secretary of the United States, she is hoping to do as much for the American people as possible.


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