A Guide to The Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University is one of the leading schools for the arts in the US. This affluent academy has a broad teacher-base, has innovative technologies to work with and has some of the brightest of minds to have ever flourished in the entertainment industry. In central San Francisco, the academy has a nice urban campus. It is said to be that the Academy of Art University is one of the largest property holders in the San Francisco area. Academy of Advertising Art and the Academy of Art College were two of its previous names. Though the academy specializes in a myriad of subjects, its school of fashion has helped to bolster its name to the masses.

This for-profit school attends New York Fashion Week on a regular basis, and it puts on a show while displaying its many fashion lines. The students of these programs have put tremendous effort into each fashion design. Academy of Art University has presented its stuff for over 20 consecutive times. New York Fashion Week plays host to hundreds of fashion designers that come from a wide range of foreign countries. This includes Mexico, Japan, China, France and Nigeria. The amount of backbreaking work that goes into developing these items can’t be put in words. Each fashion designer has certainly participated in his or her share of internships and workshops throughout the years. True innovation comes from AAU’s diverse student-base. This school has been participating in the festivities of New York Fashion Week since 2005.

This exclusive university owns and operates its very own automotive museum. There are over 200 vintage vehicles here. Academy of Art University competes in the Division II class, and it’s a part of the Pacific West Conference.