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Adam Milstein is a real estate businessman, philanthropist and author who writes for both well-known newspapers like the HuffPost and Jerusalem Post, and lesser-known organizations like the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and the Times of Israel. In an article on the Times of Israel, Milstein says Jewish parents need to encourage their children to use passion, pride, and courage to adhere to the beliefs that have inspired patriotism and religious conviction. A big part of this is using ingenuity and using ideas that come from outside the box. An example of a hero who used this creativity to save Israel was Judas Maccabeus who led a revolt against the Seleucids and used tactics, not before thought of to defeat a major military force. Milstein encourages this same kind of thinking for young Jews on college campuses and entering professional careers.


Adam Milstein himself could tell you that he’s learned to think outside the box. He was part of a military unit also thought inferior to the Egyptian forces back in 1974 which was led by Ariel Sharon and defeated the massive army in a short time. He graduated from the Technion Technology Institute in 1978 and completed a master’s degree at USC three years later, and he decided to go into real estate deals as a broker two years later. Adam Milstein has helped purchase many luxury commercials and large condominium properties as Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties, and he’s also been responsible for financing deals between buying clients and big banks. But one of his most important investments has been in Jewish-American communities through the Milstein Family Foundation.


Adam Milstein and his wife Gila believe in three parts to their philanthropy. The first is active philanthropy and making sure they are out in the field helping each organization they support. The second is path-life impact which means every age group of Jewish-Americans is important to their education and activist plans. And finally, they believe in philanthropic synergy which goes across political and religious divides to involve social leaders, rabbis and other donors in the foundation’s causes. Milstein is currently the Chairman of the Israeli-American Council and is also on the board of AIPAC.

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OSI Group recently announced that it was purchasing the Tyson Foods plant, located on Chicago’s South Side. The news came as a great relief for the former Tyson Food Group employees. Tyson sent out a notice this past November that it would be closing its Chicago plant, meaning that nearly five hundred people would be losing their jobs. This would be devastating for those people, most of which live in a modest area of Chicago where jobs can be quite scarce. However, OSI Group came in at the last minute to buy the facility. Most of the former Tyson Food Group employees were offered generous jobs with OSI Group.

The facility in Chicago is over two hundred thousand square feet and employs several thousand people. The OSI Group is now managing the facility. This acquisition is just one of several recent purchases for the OSI Group. The company has seen rapid expansion in recent years. The expansion comes not only to the United States, but across the globe. OSI Group is the world’s biggest provider of health-value foods that is privately own. The company is highly dedicated to expansion and will continue its growth throughout the world. Currently, OSI Group has more than twenty thousand employees, and that number continues to grow on a daily basis. The company owns facilities in over one dozen countries and those facilities number at more than fifty.

If you didn’t know already, one in five pieces of chicken that is consumed in the United States is a Tyson product, which will now be an OSI Group product doing business under the many Tyson Food Group names. These names include prominent names such as Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farms and, of course, Tyson. These brands have been in households for generations. Tyson also works with restaurants throughout the United States and beyond. The company literally works with all kinds of restaurants, from fast casual to the best fine dining restaurants in the country.

OSI Group announced even further global expansion through by purchasing a major stake in Baho Foods. The company is based in Netherlands and has been in business for six decades. The purchase of Baho Foods showcases OSI Group’s dedication to expand not only in America, but throughout the world. Similar to the Tyson Food Group, Baho Foods specializes in the production of meats that include, chicken, sausage, bacon and more.

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It is interesting to know that over 2/3 of Americans do not know anything about stock investment. Majority of those who lack this knowledge are stuck with traditional means of investment such as saving bank accounts. It is a sad reality that reveals how people are losing out on opportunities to make money because they do not know that there are other methods of investments that can reward way better than the banks. Bank pay very little in interest loans. So, for money kept in a bank to gain anything worth mentioning, it might take years. The good thing, however, is that the current generation is interested in knowing about alternatives methods of investment.Risk in a common factor in all business investments. In fact, many people who are still investing their money in bank accounts do so for fear of losing their money in other investments. There is good news for those who are ready to embrace new ways of investment.

The stock market is one great area where investors can make money easily. However, lack of knowledge about stock investments has kept many away from the markets.For anyone interested in learning about stock investment some experienced investors can offer insight to beginners on how to approach investment. One such investor is Paul Mampilly. He is a reputable American investor who has over 25 years of experience trading various stocks. As an experienced investor, he has dedicated his career now to educating beginners on how to invest wisely.The former hedge fund manager has a newsletter called “Profits Unlimited,” in which he details all the information beginner traders would like to know about investment.

However, it is not only the newsletter can one get advice from this investment guru. There are tons of free material on the internet which he has made, with pieces of information about investment opportunities that are available.As a mentor to many investors, he makes sure that they have their eyes on the right sectors. According to Paul Mampilly, best stock investment opportunities are those that are backed up by technological growth. Technology is having a big impact on almost everything in the world today. Any new product that is coming into the market has a touch of technological innovation.We are living at a time when the world is transitioning from the traditional ways of doing things to a modern life full of technological innovation. As this transition happens, more and more investment opportunities are now available.