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Paul Mampillly released a teaser pitch for its new Profits Unlimited newsletter. The newsletter will cover important news within the healthcare industry. For a yearly subscription fee of $97, readers will have the chance to get interesting and vital news on important and historical medical breakthroughs such as precision medicine. The pitch talks about precision medicine and what it can be able to do for humanity. Precision medicine involves studying of DNA and tailoring medicine to suit the patient’s needs. He talks of Myriad Genetics, a diagnostics and personalized medicine firm that specializes in cancer and non-cancer testing programs to help people who may be at risk of getting cancer.


The company in question gets its revenue mainly through hereditary cancer screening, especially for colon and breast cancer. Through their tests, they identify the risk factors such as mutations that a person may have that may contribute to the risk of getting cancer. The company has performed well especially because more people are ordering for cancer tests, especially breast cancer tests, increasingly. Additionally, Myriad has a monopoly over other companies because they have been on the market for a few years. Hence they have a library of data on the mutations and variants of cancer.


The success of Myriad Genetics cannot be completely pegged on finances as their revenues have flattened out in the past four years and analysts expect the company’s earnings to drop. Their testing products are successful,and they are becoming foundational I the field over time. The company also has various growth prospects as they hope to diversify into new segments such as Vectra DA test and GeneSight test.

About Paul Mampillly

With up to 25 years of experience in investment Paul Mampilly is a trusted voice in his field. He has ventured into healthcare and biotechnology, which gives him an edge when it comes to issues such as precision medicine. He is also the founder of Capuchin Consulting. He got his MBA from Fordham University after which he got a job with Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager.


Paul Mampilly later managed to work with ING and Deutsche Bank, adding on to his experience. He was further taken in by big corporations. Later, with Kinetics Asset Management, he managed to develop the hedge fund and grew the assets of Kinetics to $25 billion. He still graces the streets of the finance world but on a smaller scale as he helps common people make money and works as a research and investment analyst.

About Paul Mampillly:

Canadian Beer

The craft breweries in Canada are competing hardily with the world’s beers. Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks Breweries is one of those leading the charge. Steamworks opened in 1995 in Gastown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as a pub/brewery seating 184 patrons. Now, Steamworks’ beers sell in 14 states in the U.S., at home in all the Canadian provinces, Italy, Germany, Austria, Germany, Hong Kong and Switzerland.


Eli Gershkovitch is a brew master who deserves to be recognized. His creations please the taste buds and demand repeat purchases. Inspired by a trip to Europe in 1987 right out of college where he toured different European countries and sampled craft beers in each country. Gershkovitch waited until all the elements were in place for him to obtain an Old building equipped with a steam heat system in Gastown. In Heidelberg, Germany, Eli Gershkovitch fell in love with the idea of a microbrewery after visiting one (


After buying it, he began the process of turning it into the Steamworks Brewery. It was Canada’s only steam operated Brewery. For years Steamworks Brewery/Pub operated solely from Gastown. In his first year, Eli Gershkovitch introduced six beers to his pub’s beer aficionados. In 2013 Steamworks opened its first full Brewery in Burnaby, British Columbia. Today there are 14 additional U.S. locations and Steamworks Brewery produces 15 to 17 new brews each year.


Steamworks is the only brewery that offers the authentic Cascadia ales as it holds the trademarks. Their other best selling beers include Jasmine IPA, Summer Mashup, Tropical Tart Ale, Pale Ale and Flagship IPA. As one of Canada’s original microbrewers, Eli Gershkovitch will continue to develop new and interesting flavors like its new Chocolate Porter with a rich black body and a tan head. The flavor is well-balanced with a flavor of toasted chocolate malt.


Since its inception, the company has won many awards for its beers and his beers come in many of the over one hundred flavors currently available in craft beers. Just like Eli Gershkovitch says, he’ll meet the demand or he’ll have to shrink to meet the declining demand. Now with multiple locations and many unique craft beers on the market, he is seeking to meet the increasing demand (


Miami News

As CEO and founder of LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman hopes to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs to experience the same level of success that he has done over a long and successful career in business.


Since 2015, LaunchPad Holdings has offered a simplified software platform to link an entrepreneur’s ideas to the necessary business strategies to get their firm up and running. The idea came about when Glen Wakeman noted how many small businesses fail to get off the ground within the first two years, and he realized that many entrepreneurs had great vision, but did not know exactly how to put those ideas into practice (


Hard data, facts, and a positive outlook are three keys to that success. During his own twenty-year career as a corporate executive and company founder, Glen Wakeman became very familiar with the challenges and opportunities that running a business provides. He channels that experience into regular blog posts so that others may learn from his successes. The five key performance attributes he ascribes to successful leaders include leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance.


Mentorship and networking made a major difference for his career, Glen Wakeman has said. As a result, he is a firm believer in doing the same for others who are just starting theirs, whether in businesses large or small. Among his tips for networking with others is to leave a handwritten note, which stands out in a very digital world.


When he is not writing or putting business practices into play, Glen Wakeman also is dedicated to charity and helping others. He spent many years in global business and trade and understands the complex network of globalization where all countries need to rely on one another. After the hurricanes hit Puerto Rico, he donated 1,000 dollars to the Red Cross for their relief efforts and encouraged other business leaders to do likewise. Throughout his career, Glen Wakeman has lived in six countries, and done business in thirty-two (Twitter).


Glen Wakeman holds an MBA in Finance and a BS in Economics. He worked many years at GE Capital and later founded Nova Four.



Dr. Mark Holterman is a highly successful pediatric surgeon from the United States with a global outreach. He is also known as a researcher, educator, and most importantly a committed philanthropist in the area of healthcare. Dr. Holterman gave active contributions in saving the lives of thousands of children as a chief visionary and contributor of IPSAC-VN, an alliance of pediatric specialists around the globe to help the children of Vietnam. He also serves as a lecturer and surgeon to this voluntary healthcare group to save the children of Vietnam.


The story of the group started in the year 2007 when Dr. Holterman visited the country with his wife, Ai-Xuan Le Holterman – whose roots are in South Vietnam. They witnessed the conditions of overcrowded children’s hospitals in Vietnam including in its capital, Ho Chi Minh City. Both of them understood that the country lacks both children’s hospitals and doctors significantly ( This is where they decided to establish a U.S.-based nonprofit group in the year 2009 to make pediatric care solutions readily available for the children across Vietnam. The group works with medical professionals in the United States and making ways to improve the pediatric healthcare conditions in Vietnam.


Under the guidance of Dr. Mark Holterman, the group started establishing rural clinics to make the healthcare accessible to every child in Vietnam. For reducing the significant cases of hospital infections, the group supplied modern equipment to hospitals and healthcare professionals across the country. Altogether, IPSAC-VN has significantly improved the pediatric condition of the country by saving thousands of lives (MarkHolterman.WordPress). Dr. Holterman has a humble background, and he earned his Biology major from the Yale University. Later, he started attending his medical graduation from the University of Virginia.


Later, he started working as a surgery resident at the Health Center of the University of Virginia. He also worked with the Children’s Hospital of the University of Washington as a pediatric surgery fellow. Dr. Holterman also worked with the Clinical Research Institute which is located in Montreal, Canada, as a research associate. He is also an entrepreneur and served as the Chief Executive of Mariam Global Health, an investment firm in the healthcare sector.



Chicago Transportation

Perry Mandera is a renowned figure in the transportation industry. Through his company, the Custom Companies, Inc., Perry Mandera has continued to provide excellent services to his esteem customers. An article published on October 6, 2017, in the word press website discusses some of the technologies utilized by the Custom companies to serve their customers better. Perry Mandera’s leadership ensures that the customers get exactly what they deserve. Some of the technologies discussed in the article include the Cheetah Dispatch, warehouse management system, and Dock management system. These technologies improve the efficiency of the company’s operations and enable the customers to have the necessary information on how the company can help them.

About Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera did his high school in Chicago high school where he graduated in 1975. After the graduation, Mandera was determined not to waste time after his high school education; he enrolled in the U.S Marine Corps Reserves. While working with the U.S marine, he was assigned to work at the motor pool where he learned more about trucks. He was later discharged honorably from the Marines back into the civilian life. He was employed with several transportation organizations before forming his own company at the age of 23 years in 1980. He sold the business five years later in 1985.

Perry Mandera also developed an interest in politics, which saw him serve as a ward committee member under the Republican Party ticket. He was the youngest ever elected in that position. He started the Custom Companies, Inc. in February 1986. The company has continued to serve thousands of clients from the small household businesses to the established businesses on the Fortune 100 companies. The annual sales of the company exceed $ 200 million and employ hundreds of people in its facilities.

Perry Mandera was named among the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” by the ITA (Illinois transportation association). Mandera is currently a board of Directors member at the ITA (Angel.Co). Perry Mandera has also donated most of his time and energy to working with charity organizations and serving the community. Mandera was proud that his company contributed relief to tornado victims of Washington in 2013.

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As a leading direct selling company, Stream Energy has spent the last twelve years successfully growing and expanding its customer base by providing quality Energy, Wireless, and Protective and Home services. Stream Energy (founded in 2005) has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and offers Energy Services in eight other locations outside of Texas. One of those locations is Illinois. Stream Energy introduced its Stream Connected Services to the state of Illinois in the fall of 2017. Illinois residents now have the option of not only signing up for the company’s Energy Services, but they will be able to include Wireless, and Protective and Home Services in their choice of Stream Services. Stream Energy’s expansion into Illinois will provide consumers the chance to lower their energy bill by offering 6 and 12-month fixed-rate electric plans. This recent expansion is also great news for Stream Energy’s Independent Associates. Associates have a chance to successfully create new business opportunities in this large market (


Stream Energy has received many accolades since it was founded in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji. Steam Energy is recognized as a top 20 direct selling company in a competitive industry. The company has amassed over $ 8 billion during the 12 years it has been in operation. Along with Steam Energy’s financial accomplishments, the organization was named as one of the top 10 Most Trusted Electric Providers in Texas by Market Strategies International. Stream Energy was also given the “2016 Most Innovative Marketer of the Year Award” by the Energy Marketing Conference.


While consumers of Stream Energy benefit greatly from signing up to receive Stream Connected Services, those who join the Independent Associates program have an opportunity to operate their own business. Associates can earn an unlimited monthly income by signing up new customers and selling Stream Services. Moreover, Stream Energy Associates can enjoy access to Free Energy and Free Wireless. Hard-working Associates earn Personal Customer Bonuses for each newly enrolled customer, along with receiving Team Customer Bonuses for assisting sponsored Associates with the process of signing up new customers for Stream Services.

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Jorge Moll earned his degree in Medicine from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1994 in addition to completing his medical residency in Neurology. After obtaining a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology at Sao Paulo University, he became the head of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR) and the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU) located in Rio de Janeiro (Scholar.Google).

The Gift of Giving

Jason Marsh and Jill Suttie offer commentary on why gift giving can be beneficial. The act of giving strengthens their health and happiness in addition to the community around them.

Jorge Moll and several of his colleagues at the National Institute of Health conducted a research study in 2006 to determine the positive effects of gift giving. They discovered that when individuals donate to charities or hand out gifts, regions of their brain associated with pleasure, social connection and trust begin to open. “Helper’s high,” an emotional feeling triggered by endorphins being released in the brain, creates this altruistic behavior. This biological finding adds more depth to the following research study on the benefits of giving.

Other major advantages include

  1. Major Health Benefits: The odds of health diseases such as chronic illness, HIV, and multiple sclerosis are greatly reduced
  2. Increased cooperation and social connection: As suggested by Robb Willer, giving to others increase the likelihood of being rewarded in the future, regardless if the person is the recipient or someone else. The exchange also promotes trust and cooperation that increases our ties to others.
  3. Giving evokes gratitude
  4. Domino Effect: Once an act of kindness or giving is apparent in a community, it motivates more members to follow the same trend or action.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden is not your average cosmetic surgeon. Not only does she offer comprehensive, detailed descriptions of her procedures, she stands out as a clear leader in the plastic surgery field due to the numerous awards and honors she has received as a practicing cosmetic surgeon.

She is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, specializing in cosmetic surgery. Not only does she work rigorously at her own practice, but is a participating member of the exclusive American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She serves as a fellow for the the American College of Surgeons and as a member of the board of directors and communication commissioner for the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

Aside from her prestigious position of various boards and societies, Dr. Walden has accumulated a number of awards for her work. Both Texas Super Doctors and Castle Connelly have recognized her as a top doctor. Because of her stance on women’s rights and health care, she was chosen by Harper’s Bazaar as one of the twenty-four best beauty surgeons in the United States.

Dr. Walden has also been featured in numerous well-known publications and media sources. Aside from having her own lifestyle and beauty piece on a local Austen channel, she has been seen on Fox News, the entertainment channel E!, VH1, NBC, ABC, CBS, and more. She is also a regular on numerous Austen media outlets, including radio, TV, magazines, and newspapers. Her printed work has appeared in outlets such as the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Refinery 29, Vogue and Teen Vogue, Self and Shape magazines, and many more.

Dr. Walden is not just talented at surgery; she also has skills in writing. She has published numerous award-winning research papers and enjoys displaying and sharing her work at national conferences or teaching at universities.

Clearly, Dr. Walden has taken the plastic surgery world by storm. She is proud to be a positive role model for young women and looks forward to what the future holds, both for her professional career and personal life.

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Large media outlets and scientific journals have recently been abuzz with the discussion of Elysium Health’s first product, Basis. Many of the company’s reviewers have requested information about the product, its purposes, and the claims made about it by Elysium representatives. These questions can be sufficiently answered by reviewing the large amount of information about the product located on the company’s website. Elysium Health has included the supplement’s purpose, intended results when taken consistently, FDA regulatory information, price points for a subscription, and the results from a clinical trial that test subjects participated in to review the product. Here are the most significant elements of Elysium Health’s first product, Basis.

Basis is a dietary supplement that has been designed to help promote health at the cellular level. The expert scientists at Elysium Health based the development of this product on several years of prior research regarding the coenzyme NAD+. NAD+ is a coenzyme used in many cellular processes, from energy production to circadian rhythm regulation, and it’s present in all living cells. As humans age, NAD+ levels can decrease significantly. The depletion of the NAD+ compound can subsequently affect the processes it is present in. That’s where Basis comes in. Basis utilizes two primary ingredients to increase the levels of NAD+ in the body, thus affecting the cellular processes in which NAD+ is present.

Basis is sold in containers that include 30 capsules each. While consumers can purchase the supplement in its single container form, it can also be ordered in bulk or in a monthly subscription plan. On Elysium Health’s website, consumers can make arrangements for the dietary supplement to be delivered as a one-time, single purchase for $60, a monthly delivery for $50 per month, a 6-month delivery for $270, or a year-long delivery for $480. Deliveries can also be scheduled for more than one bottle of the Basis supplement to be delivered each month.

When taken consistently and as instructed (Elysium recommends taking two capsules each day with or without food), Basis is intended to support cellular health. Internally, the consistent use of the Basis formula should increase NAD+ levels, as demonstrated in a clinical trial conducted by the company earlier this year. Basis customers have already taken to Elysium’s testimonial page to leave stories about their use of the Basis supplement.

Bottled Water

Waiakea water is one of the most successful brands of bottled water today. The company started just a few years back but has emerged in the industry. Their popularity can be credited to the fact that they are much different than any other bottled water company on the market. They have made a few outstanding accomplishments that have set them apart from their competition.

The first aspect about the Waiakea that makes them so unique is their water bottle. The water bottles created by this company are different than any other water bottle today. There are two main factors that make the bottles so interesting. First, the bottles are made from entirely post recycled plastic. The company wants to help the environment by creating a more eco friendly bottle. The bottles that this company creates does not require any more additional plastic material to be produced. The next aspect that makes these bottles so interesting is the speed at which they are able to degrade. Traditional water bottles take around 1,500 years to naturally break down in the environment. The reason that there is such a big push for recycling is because plastics like this are beginning to harm the environment. The bottle created by the Waiakea company takes only a mere 15 years to degrade. The technology that this company has put into this product is amazingly economical.

Another unique aspect about this company is their water. The water is very pure. It is also surprisingly natural. Before the water is collected it passes through thousands of feet of volcanic rock. The process naturally filters the water and enriches it with minerals. The water is ready to drink upon its collection and isn’t altered whatsoever by the company. It has a pH level that is ideal for consumption. It also tastes very clean.

The company does one more thing that sets them apart. They help others through charitable services. Founder Ryan Emmoms promised that for every liter that the company sells, they would donate a weeks supply of water to a family in need of clean drinking water.