Bridget Scarr is a high-flying writer and creative producer. She is famed for producing spectacular content that is suitable for various platforms. Bridget is the founder and current head of Colibri Studios; she is in charge of content development, strategy and partnerships. Her role involves working with different partners and stakeholders who range from international broadcasters to project managers to actualize projects.


For more than a decade and a half, Bridget has worked as an executive producer where she has managed to amass valuable experience in advertising, television and animation, which has been pivotal in sharpening her skills in digital content, television, virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive exhibition.


In one of her interviews with ideamensch, Bridget Scarr shared with his fans valuable information and insights. Bridget highlighted the driving force behind his well-performing company- Colibri Studios. While she worked as a TV producer, she spent most of her time breathing life to other people’s ideas. After shifting gears to assume a role of a creative content developer, she discovered that she needed a force that would help her bring her ideas to life; this informed her decision to establish Colibri Studios. Bridget Scarr attests that the studio has served her interests well in developing her own projects.


Bridget is known for bringing into life very captivating ideas that leave many of her fans wondering the source of such ideas. According to the seasoned writer and creative producer, her ideas are hinged on the nature and inspiration behind the project. In her interview, she went ahead to give an example of the project she is currently undertaking. Her example vividly captures the path in which Bridget has to walk to make a particular project real.


Bridget Scarr also shared top ingredients that have hastened and sustained her entrepreneurial success. She says that meditation in addition to continuous nurturing of the spirit of her business path is what has made her successful in business. She advises young entrepreneurs to shun fear and trust the journey they have chosen to walk. However, she assures inspiring business people that they will have to endure setbacks that they may face as they struggle to build successful ventures. For Bridget, her first business collapsed subjecting her to financial and emotional difficulties.


Bridget is a lover of all forms of content. She believes that content has the capacity to change the world in numerous ways. If you will not find her developing a television project, then you are likely to find her engrossed in writing a novel or music.


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Baltimore real estate is one thing that cannot be spoken of without mentioning Todd Lubar. Armed with a charming smile and outspoken nature, he is now a well-established real estate developer and business owner in the City commanding widespread respect. Todd is the one man you want to consult concerning matters of real estate, not only for his perspective on the business but also because of his broad experience that he has gathered over the decades he’s been in the industry. Since 1999 when he started working for Crestor Mortgage Corporation immediately after graduating from Syracuse University, he is yet to disappoint at any position he has been entrusted with. With a resolute determination to achieve something once his mind is set on it, he helped grow the Maryland Legacy Financial to a level where its production unit per year was over several hundred million dollars in loan volumes. For more details visit Patreon.

As if this was not impressive enough on his resume, he still went ahead and became the Senior Vice President of Charter Funding at the peak of the chaos in the mortgage industry. Working in the finance and credit sector is what has made his perspective on the business more valuable and with great impact to the extent that he has reserved his place amongst the top 25 mortgage originators for a number of years. With the influx of young professionals streaming into Baltimore City, Todd Lubar is now the focal point of insight on the industry by home buyers looking to maximize their financial gain.

His motivation is driven by the fact that he loves to help others achieve their dream of becoming homeowners and has the skills needed that people can rely on. In his high school days, he used to work at a grocery store and later discovered Todd was destined for more and started working towards it. His lesson for the value of money drove him always to strive to achieve the best and as of now, he is the President of TDL Global Ventures. Just as he is passionate in his business and serving the community, he’s also a loving Dad to a son and daughter with whom he is to be found whenever he creates free time. Check out LinkedIn for more info.

One of his famous quotes goes: ‘surround yourself with people that challenge you and promote you to grow professionally and personally.’



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A lot of people out there complain and quite frankly, they have every reason to complain when it comes to matters of their workplace. They are unhappy at their jobs and they are sick and tired of being unhappy. They feel as though they have been unhappy for too long, but what is the solution? It is not like jobs are just falling off trees and out of the sky. Jobs are hard to come by in today’s day and age. People are desperate for jobs. When people become desperate as they see the bills pilling up and things getting tougher and tougher, they don’t really know what to do or who to turn to in these particular situations. They feel like they are on an island without any help.


This is why Bob Reina decided to create Talk Fusion back in 2007. He had heard people’s stories. One must remember he is a former police officer. He has heard a lot and seen a lot in his time on this planet. There is not a lot that has gone unnoticed by him. He sees it all, takes it all in, and decides to start up a video communications product with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. Now, he takes it to another level and decides to add 30-day free trials for new customers (http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/video-marketing-leader-talk-fusion-launches-30-day-free-trials-300249666.html). He wants people to be their own boss, have their own hours, work from home, and most of all, and be happy!


Bob Reina does not see any reason to be unhappy in life. After all, if someone has their health, they truly have it all in today’s world (https://www.linkedin.com/company/talk-fusion-corporate). Once they have their health in order, it is important to be happy doing what they love and making money at the same time. It works hand in hand, really.


Bob Reina knows people can connect with investors, people interested in their product, and people with the same ideas and beliefs through the product Talk Fusion. It is why he knows these 30-day free trials are going to go over like gangbusters.


Entrepreneur, OSI Group

OSI Industries has been a leader in meet manufacturing for many years. The company began as a family-owned business in the Chicago area in the early nineteen hundreds. Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant who started a meat market. He ran the company with his sons and eventually became a supplier of meat to various types of food industry providers within the area.

Otto’s children were running Otto and Sons by the 1950s. They developed a relationship with McDonald’s Organization. This business arrangement would eventually take Otto and Sons to tremendous success. They introduced several groundbreaking concepts to meat manufacturing that endeared them to the leaders at the McDonald’s Organization. The company was selected to be the number one meat provider for McDonald’s. A new facility would need to be built for arrangement to be efficient. Sheldon Lavin was brought in to oversee the evolution.

Sheldon initially started as a consultant. Over time his involvement grew, and he became more hands-on with the business. McDonald’s suggested that Lavin be a full-time partner with Otto and Sons. Lavin eventually provided the vision that would take the family-owned company to worldwide recognition.

Otto in Sons of eventually became known as OSI Industries. It has since grown into a multi-faceted organization that provides a variety of products including ground beef, bacon, hot dogs and vegetable products. It acquired Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group to solidify a presence in the European region. Both of these companies have unique attributes that will benefit the OSI effort. Baho Food Group has several subsidiary companies of its own. Flagship Food Group also acquired another food manufacturing organization. Such moves are the type of growth that Sheldon Lavin has always aspired to achieve.

OSI bought Tyson Foods for 7.4 million dollars. Tyson Foods is a Chicago-based manufacturer that has been around for many years. The company was in jeopardy of closing its doors. The closure would have meant the loss of many jobs for longtime employees. OSI Industries was able to complete the purchase and save people from unemployment. Many of them were offered positions at OSI.

OSI headquarters are in Aurora Illinois. However, it operates plants throughout the Americas. There are also facilities in China. The company was noted as 136th largest privately owned company in the country by Forbes in 2011. That number rose to 58 by 2016. OSI also provides services to Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Subway and Starbucks.

OSI Group Info: www.crunchbase.com/organization/osi-group#/entity

Business, Business Leader

Antony Petrello was born in Newark in New Jersey an area known for its strong culture and honor, to a humble family. Tony attended public primary school, he mastered calculus and exhibited mathematical intelligence at an early age. While in high school due to his math abilities the University of Yale noticed him and awarded him a scholarship. While at Yale he received his bachelor and masters degree in mathematics with a bias towards linear algebra and calculus. While in university he had the opportunity to assist the theorist Serge Lang in his number theory and he showed a level of brilliance that his most of his classmates could not comprehend.

After completing his university at Yale, Tony has a change of mind; he enrolled in Harvard Law School a surprise to many given his maths ability. Tony began his career at Baker and Mackenzie an American law firm. While there he specialized in business law mainly taxation and arbitration. In 1986 Tony became a managing partner in Baker and Mackenzie in the firms New York division. While at Baker he worked for a client Nabors Industries. The managers at Nabors were impressed by his analytical skills, and after much lobbying, the managers hired Tony as their business Executive. In 1991 Tony began serving as the chief operating officer, later the same year he was elected to serve on the board of directors and executive committee. Nabors Industries is a company founded in 1968, is a natural oil, geothermal contractor operating in America, Middle East, Far East and Africa.it also performs onshore oil servicing and provides rigs for offshore oil platform.

In 1992 Petrello became Nabors industry President and in steered the company towards tremendous growth and achievements. In 2011 he became the CEO of Nabors and dring has reign his leadership was considered top Notch in an industry where there is a high level of competition. He is very good at day to day management as well as long-term strategic vision. In addition to serving at Nabors, he also the director of mediaonDemand.com, Hilcorp Energy Corp and Stewart and Stevenson where he has served since 2011.In 2014 and 2014 Tony was one of the most compensated CEO in the US.

Petrello has not been left behind regarding family and is married to his college sweetheart Cynthia Petrello. They have a daughter named Caren who was born with Cerebral Palsy. Carena couldn’t eat solid foods until she was seven. Carena’s condition prompted the Petrellos to look for solutions to the illness. Tony has given to Texas children hospital and has also taken a seat on the board of trustees. The hospital has constructed a Neurological, pediatric care which treats children from across the globe.

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Business Leader, CEO

People love to hear of a real life Horatio Alger story, someone who is capable of rising from rags to riches through sheer hard work, dedication and development of their personal talents. However, in an increasingly financialized and globalized world, such stories seem to be vanishingly rare. It is for this reason that finding seemingly clear examples of these stories can be so inspiring. But frequently, what at first appears to be someone who is able to buck the odds turns out to be merely a cold professional who was playing the odds all along.

In the case of Luiz Carlos Trabuco, it’s hard to make a judgement either way. As one of the few people in Brazilian corporate history who has risen completely through the ranks of one of the largest companies in the country, Trabuco’s rise through Bradesco is unquestionably a testament to his own grit, drive and talent. On the other hand, in an ironic twist, it turns out that Trabuco himself became one of the leading forces for policies within the company that could be described as globalist and financializing. For these latter tendencies, Trabuco can hardly be criticized. In fact, most observers would readily admit that he was one of the leading forces within Bradesco that enabled the bank’s incredible rise from a tiny local concern into one of the most powerful holding companies in Latin America.

Still, it isn’t so much that Trabuco was able to bend the constraints of money and power to his own personality. On the contrary, it was the constraints of money and power that seemed to increasingly shape him throughout his career.

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From uneducated high school grad to worldly sophisticate

Trabuco first came to work at Bradesco when he was just 18 years old. Hired on as a bank teller, he had only a high school diploma and was excited to be hired on, even if it was the lowliest position that the bank could offer.

But over the next 10 years, Trabuco would slowly begin rising through the ranks. At first appointed shift manager, he quickly won the confidence of his superiors, being appointed to positions of increasing responsibility. At the same time, he was able to put himself through school, eventually receiving a master’s degree in social psychology. This combination of rigorous academic credentials and increasingly vast experience within the bank and all its business lines eventually made Trabuco a formidable candidate for promotion. In 1984, he was offered his first executive role within the firm.

Appointed to the head of the marketing department, Trabuco inherited a unit that had never been managed in what many bankers might refer to as a professional style. Using his academic background and extensive knowledge of international banking markets, he quickly moved to bring Bradesco’s marketing strategy in line with that seen at the most successful financial institutions of North America. His reforms proved to be a huge success, with the bank’s sales increasing and relationships with local media being stronger than they had ever been. But this also marked the beginning of Trabuco’s personal influence over the strategies and business model of the bank.

He began using a marketing strategy of going after higher-end clients. The success he saw with doing this would prove crucial later in his career, when he was in a position to really begin making profound changes.

In 1992, Trabuco was appointed head of the bank’s financial planning division. There, he immediately moved to create a multi-tiered banking service, with the bank’s wealthiest and most high-value clients receiving a level of service far higher than the ordinary customers. This transformation of the bank into an institution that sought to cater to the very wealthy proved to be an enormous success. The financial planning division quickly grew from just 3 percent of revenues to nearly 30, marking an astonishing period of growth.

Trabuco’s rise was swift and steep. But it came at the abandonment of the bank’s older, more egalitarian customer service model.

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