Mommies in Need, Spark Tank

Spark Tank is an innovative, philanthropic company created by Marc Sparks. The company provides $5,000 grants to DFW non-profit organizations to support businesses that help the community. Spark Tank also provides mentoring to award winners. Any philanthropic organization is able to submit a proposal to Spark Tank so that their idea can compete for the grant.

A Spark Tank applicant will need to have been in business for at least two years. The organization will be given 10 minutes to demonstrate their case and an additional 10 minutes to answer questions from the panel. Each organization will be evaluated based upon their presentation and the foreseeable impact their company will have on the community. The last criteria is that the program needs to have the ability to measure its results.

One grant winner, Mommies in Need, provides cost-free child care to those who need assistance due to health emergencies. Another grant winning non-profit organization is House of Eli. This organization mentors and houses boys who don’t meet the age criteria for the foster care system.

The group works to help prepare the boys to lead independent, structured lives and families. Groups that want to make a substantial impact in their community and are looking for funds will greatly benefit from Spark Tank. The company’s whole purpose is to better lives and provide a means for social innovation to occur.

Often times a non-profit organization simply needs capital in order to set programs into motion that can incite societal change and improve lives.

According to Crunchbase, Founder Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur who began his journey in philanthropy in McKinney, Texas. He met Lynne Sipiora and together they took a small, worn down homeless shelter in the area and over time built it into a multi-million dollar operation that now feeds over 200 people daily.

The operation is called The Samaritan Inn and is located in Collin County. Marc Sparks has also opened a transitional living apartment complex, thrift store, and is currently fostering a family shelter that is under construction.

Thanks to Spark Tank, thousands of lives have been changed for the better. Any organization related to human services or animal services is encouraged to apply for a grant. The only exceptions to the rule are national charities, political action committees, United Way charities, and faith based initiatives. A non-profit that knows how they want to improve their community in a measurable way is an ideal candidate for the grant.

A non-profit organization looking to get the grant should be creative and passionate in the way they tell their story. The organization should also present how their results can be measured. The grant has been awarded to several non-profits already and Spark Tank plans to continue changing communities in positive ways.

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The announcement made by the UK to exit the European Union was not without consequences. The most evident were the sharp drop in the value of stock across Europe and devaluation of the Sterling Pound. The value of the Sterling Pound was the lowest it has ever been since 1985. According to Flavio Maluf, some of the effects of the exit would have a lasting effect on the global economy. Examples are:

1. Consequences on the British Economy
It is speculated that the exit of the UK from the EU will lead to a decrease in investments in the country. It is also speculated that the restriction of movement of goods and people between the UK and European member states is bound to lead to negative results.

2. Impact on foreign trade of the United Kingdom and Europe
Foreign trade is bound to be affected both negatively and positively by UK’s exit. Flavio Maluf says on his WordPress blog, that the exit will lead to the UK being charged different tariffs that may harm foreign trade. While on the other hand, according to Otto Nogami, the exit will allow the UK get into bilateral agreements that might prove beneficial.

3. Consequences on imports and Brazilian exports
Brazil is bound to benefit from UK’s exit. It will have the opportunity to trade with the UK without suffering from rates and impediments that were previously set according to EU standards.

4. Impacts of the European Union
Uk’s exit will negatively impact the EU since it was one of the core countries of the block and most of EU’s structure is set in the core countries. Presently, France shows signs of fatigue and weakness, and thus it will be up to Germany to sustain the block in economic terms.

Flavio Maluf was born on December 2, 1961, according to BlogdoRonco. He is an entrepreneur and engineer trained at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. Flavio Maluf currently serves as president of Eucatex and Grand Food group. Eucatex is a company that manufactures and sells ceiling lining and insulating material from eucalyptus fiber. It currently is the second largest producer of fiber panels made of wood in the world market.  Make sure to check out Flavio on Twitter @Flavio_Maluf, and his LinkedIn profile has his complete resume.


Investment banking involves an institution that creates capital by underwriting or securities for public and private corporations, governments, individuals and other enterprises. It offers services such as merger and acquisitions, equity securities, FICC services and market-making. The financial firm has two operation sides which include sell and buy sides. The sell side is involved in trading securities either for cash or other securities. The buy side provides advice to institutions such as unit trusts, hedge funds, life insurance companies and private equity funds. Investment banks must adhere to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and U.S Securities and Exchanges Commission

Investment banks perform their functions in three departments. The front office is for revenue generation where clients are offered advice on mergers and acquisition. It also involves fundraising strategies such as initial Public Offering (IPO) and sales and trading. The middle office department analyzes market and credit risks, internal corporate strategy, treasury management and internal controls. The back office counter checks all the trades that have been done, technology and operations. Investment banking includes investment management and merchant banking .

Madison Street Capital is a firm that was founded in 2005 and it offers middle market investment banking services. It has competent and knowledgeable professionals who make it a leader in the financial industry. The international firm has offices in North America, Africa, Asia and its headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois. It offers a broad range of top-notch services to private and public businesses. The services include valuation of assets such as goodwill; buyout advisory, merger and acquisition advisory, capital introduction, restructuring services and bankruptcy services. Other services are financial sponsor coverage, asset management, corporate governance, private placements, tax compliance, financial opinions in solvency, hedge funds and other equity funds services

Madison Street Capital has a diverse clientele from transport, technology, agriculture, telecommunication, media, manufacturing and oil and energy among others. The firm offers support to philanthropic organizations such as United Way so that they can make a difference in the community. Madison Street Capital offers excellent and high standards to enterprises such as Fiber Science Inc, Bond Media Group Inc and Central Iowa Energy LLC .

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Recently contributor and self proclaimed “die-hard hair care fanatic” Emily McClure decided to give Wen Cleasing Conditioner a try for 7 days and give an honest account of her time using WEN by Chaz Dean []. As a salon employee Emily knows a thing or two about hair care products! Just in case you have not heard of WEN or just need a little refresher, here’s a little recap to get you in the know.
WEN is a line of hair care products designed to do the job of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner all in ONE bottle! WEN offers cleansing conditioners that give your hair back it’s shine, thickness, and moisture. Emily reports in her review that she could feel her hair thicken as she washed the first time! WEN soothes and strengthens your hair and does so with the convenience of only having to use one product. Talk about your grab and go!

WEN Cleansing Conditioner has three heavenly scents. Sweet Almond Mint is designed to work for all types, giving you amazing shine. The soy based formula in the Pomegranate cleansing conditioner helps to give your hair back it’s moisture and shine, nourishing it from the inside out. The third scent, Lavender, is designed to calm and sooth frizzed out and stressed out strands. And with the scent of lavender, perhaps you will find yourself soothed too! Check out the Wen YouTube channel for more information.

But don’t just read all the great features of the WEN Cleansing Conditioner. Hop over to and check out Emily’s 7 day experience using the Amazon Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner for yourself.


The business of catering to women can be a hard one if you do not know the right approach to take. There are lots of major department stores that are losing females customers because they have failed to lure women. These are businesses that are not tracking sales or finding out what their female customers are interested in. Adam Goldenberg, however, has learned what women want, and he has been able to master the art of appealing to females.

There are tons of women that are interested in affordable clothes, and Adam Goldenberg has been the one that has made affordable shopping online a true possibility. Women that have been looking for cute clothes are now checking out his JustFab website. Goldenberg has also made a big splash with a site like Fabletics. There have been a lot of people that are interested in what he has promoted. Others in the business world are trying to duplicate his success, but it isn’t easy. The right elements have to be in place. This isn’t so easy to do without some help.

Adam Goldenberg knows that no man is an island when it comes to successfully reaching the top in any organization. That is why he has partnered with other smart leaders like Don Ressler and Kate Hudson on Bouncing ideas between 3 people is no much easier than trying to promote ideas from a single individual. That may be the thing that Adam Goldenberg knows best. He is well aware of the success of his JustFab business, and he knows that Fabletics has done well enough to open more stores.

Adam Goldenberg has managed to track the patterns and build the type of system that rearranges based on what the customers are doing. He is able to stay in a profitable business realm because he is flexible. In the clothing industry one has to be open to new ideas. There has to be someone in place that is able to adjust to the different styles that women are interested in. At one time Kimora Lee was in place to run JustFab. She gave this company a huge boost forward. Kate Hudson is currently the face of Fabletics. This is another great decision by Adam Goldenbeg. He has been able to bring forth a lot of different websites that cater to women. This has allowed him to thrive in the business world with ease. Source:


The game of real estate can be fluctuating and challenging one at most….one in which patience and market knowledge in required. Knowledge of finances and their related investments is a plus as well, no doubt. Luckily,  David Osio has all of the above….and a bit more.

Mr. Osio hails from the country of Venezuela, in which he took courses in banking and finance. He is currently the Founder and Executive Director of the Davos Financial Group. As you may have guessed already, real estate investments and finances are HIS GAME! He plays at the top.

Both Mr. Osio and his company as a whole have just recently been recognized by an online article in PR Newsire ( for their recent release of a brand new, first time Davos Financial Group mobile app to hit the real estate consumer market! This wonderfully creative and completely original app goes by the unique name of DAVOS CAP CALCULATOR. What’s more? It is available for both droid phones and iphone. Take a bite out of them apples, would you?!

This new DAVOS CAP CALCULATOR app allows it users to interact with it on a financial level….offering guidance and assistance in determining which property is right for them or best for them. The app itself is objective, of course….but it does provide a highly updated most relevant ‘to the moment’ source of information on certain properties….thus in turn offering the user himself or herself to make a far more wisely informed final decision on the matter. Do I go with the pink house in the smaller neighborhood? Would I rather choose the white one with a bigger roof and gutter? Choices, choices….every body has to make them at some point. Why not, then, receive all the guidance and help that are available to you in doing so? In my opinion, that is called being wise!

Be wise and choose to use this brand new mobile app for all of your present and future real estate & finance inquiries on the subject. Pass it along to others. Who knows? Maybe even they could be blessed and help others in turn!

In summary, this brand new app is apparently the first in a series of future apps by the same company…all of which to later hit the market and completely help to change the world of mobile real estate all for the better! Oh, the possibilities!

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Sam Tabar is a New York-based attorney and financial strategist. A graduate of Oxford University, he went on to Columbia Law School and was associate editor of the Columbia Law Review. After law school, Tabar joined the top law firm Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, where he advised clients on a variety of financial matters, including hedge fund formation.

In 2004, Tabar left Skadden to become counsel to PMA Investment Advisors, a division of Sparx Group. He was quickly promoted to head of business development. While at Sparx, Tabar spearheaded a global marketing plan to attract institutional clients as well as individuals using his contacts from his legal career. He also assisted the firm in raising $1.2 billion dollars in assets.

In 2011, Tabar left Hong Kong to head up capital strategy for Bank of America/Merrill Lynch in the Asia/Pacific region. At Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, he provided legal counsel to clients and developed an extremely impressive book of business. He later briefly took the helm of a financial company called Adanac, where he invested in US-based start-ups and properties.

Tabar returned to the world of New York law in 2013, joining Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, which represents many of the largest hedge funds in the world. He served as a senior associate specializing in hedge fund clients. He worked with hedge funds on a variety of matters, from fund formation to employment and regulatory issues. He now serves as COO of Full Cycle Fund, an innovative fund that invests in solutions that solves pressing environmental problems.