In this millennium age, the world is faced with an unmatched wide spectrum of challenges notably in economic and socio-political circles. If such challenges are not addressed diligently by various stakeholders both from the government, quasi-governmental organizations as well as non-profit making bodies, then, the nations will stand to be grounded politically, economically and even socially.

To avert this, professional bodies have had to re-engineer their business models and concentrate more on the development socio-political and economic agenda of the nations they operate in. Such professional bodies included the American Institute of Architecture.

Founded in 1857, the Institute helps its members, and by extension, the citizens of United States of America to keep abreast with the latest trends and innovations in the field of Architecture. The body has truly set the appropriate standards for the practice by ensuring that licenses are only issued to architects that are willing to uphold the dignity of the profession.

This is fundamental to their core objective as the professional body in Architecture in the USA. Also, it arranges seminars, workshops, tours, and expos to further emancipate the architects and the interested general public on best industry practices in architecture.

On the social platform, AIA has gravitated towards fostering architectural designs that aim at seeing to it that the USA has healthier cities. Under the stewardship of Robert Ivey, the CEO, the institute has discovered that superb urban designs are the strategic arsenals to overcome the ever-rising tides and concerns of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.

Also, urban design is pivotal to reducing the skyrocketing Medicare bills. American Institute of Architects Report of December 2012 can attest to this. More so, AIA has a positive contribution to the community through their Community Social Responsibility programs. For instance, they sponsored the Education Facility Design Award” where they honored the best education facility this year.

Since its inception in 1857, by a clique of only thirteen architects, it has now attracted membership to a tune of more than 90,000 members. This can be attributed to strong, visionary and dynamic leadership that, cumulatively, it has given them such an enviable success.

Robert Ivy, Born in Columbus, Mississippi, is a graduate of Sewanee University and a Master Architect. American Institute of Architecture is a non-profit making professional body. Its headquarters is in Washington DC. This strains every nerve to promote the professional prowess of its members who are more than 90,000.


Mark McKenna is a doctor and a successful entrepreneur. He is licensed to practice in Georgia and Louisiana. He briefly worked at his father’s practice after graduating from medical school at Tulane University. At the same time, Dr. Mark McKenna launched a real estate business, McKenna Venture, a boutique investment firm with a focus on real estate located in New Orleans.

The firm rapidly expanded to include Universal Mortgage as well as Uptown Title under its wings. It provides real estate development services from design to construction and investment. Dr. Mark McKenna participated in the rebuilding of low-income housing facilities in New Orleans after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He is the founder of Shape Medical Wellness Center, ShapeMed, a health and wellness firm located in Atlanta.

ShapeMed provides personalized medical weight management procedures and non-surgical aesthetic options. Dr. Mark’s innovative strategies to grow the business earned him live spots on numerous television channels. For example, he has been featured on the Doctorpreneur show, a close look at the entrepreneurial inspiration in healthcare aired by CBS. In like manner, he retains membership at the Entrepreneurs Organization.

Besides his medical skills, his business development prowess enabled him to build a reputable company. He rapidly grew the business and then sold it to Life Time Fitness in 2014. He then went on to work for the new outfit as a Medical Director until 2016. He founded OVME, a medical aesthetics solutions firm, in 2017. Dr. Mark McKenna is committed to providing non-invasive aesthetic procedures and weight management programs that work.

He inspires you to increase your confidence by feeling good about how you look. He looks poised to take this concept to the next level with the new company. He has extensive experience in the medical aesthetics industry and has an in-depth understanding of the market dynamics. This gives him a unique opportunity to capitalize on the disruptive opportunities in the sector.

Dr. Mark McKenna is passionate about the local community of New Orleans, his native town. He is associated with the New Orleans Jazz Festival as well as the New Orleans Industrial Development among others.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smarkmckenna

Dating Apps, Fashion Company

Whitney Wolfe is an American renowned serial entrepreneur. Based in Austin, Texas, Whitney Wolfe is a gifted creative woman who succeeds in most of her ventures. In her entrepreneurial journey which began almost a decade ago, Wolfe has been recognized for her effort and commitment. Her best venture involved collaboration with Andrey Andreev of Badoo Company to create an online dating platform, the Bumble.

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Whitney Wolfe attended Southern Methodist University where she studied International Studies. At the age of 19 and still in college, Miss Wolfe ventured in selling tote bags made of bamboo material. Also, together with celebrity Patrick Aufdenkamp, they started “Help Us Project.” Currently, Whitney Wolfe is the CEO and Founder of Bumble.

Bumble is one of the fastest growing smartphone applications on dating platform in America. Founded in September 2014, Bumble app revolutionized the online dating by focusing on women only. The app gives priority to women to make the first move while dating. Recently, the app launched other peripheral business including the Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF. The Bumble company future looks brighter than ever. The Forbes this year valued the company at over $1 billion and did predict its revenue for the first time surpassing $100 million. The app adds close to 50,000 users daily and currently has over 20 million users.

Unlike other high tech firms based in Silicon Valley, Whitney Wolfe Bumble Company headquarter is found off North Lamar Boulevard in Austin, Texas. This choice was a deliberate move by Mrs. Wolfe to locate away from lots of external influence and focus on their growth. She has deliberately customised her entire Bumble yellow office in classical architecture to create a friendly mood. Also, the lifestyle-focused headquarters styles are designed to inspire collaboration as well as encouraging creativity.

Bumble Bizz arm of the company was launched to network women not only for the relationship but also for business. For the women platonic relationship, Bumble started the BFF. The New invention is competitively challenging the LinkedIn.

The dating maestro was recently married to her partner, oil heir, Michael Herd in an epic wedding held in Positano, Italy. For her commitment at such a young age, Whitney Wolfe was this year named in the Forbes 30 Under 30. In 2016, she was acknowledged as one of Elie’s Women in Tech. Also, in 2014, Whitney Wolfe was recognized by Business Insider as among the 30 Most Important Women under 30 in Tech.

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Cross Country Rally

The Bull Sertões Rally Team is one of the many highlights of Brazilian rally driver Rodrigo Terpins. He is the elder brother of another world-class rally driver Michel terpins both sons of Jacko (Jack Terpins)the iconic Brazilian basketball player who ruled Brazilian basketball in the seventies.His sons followed his avid love and passion for sports and today are some of the most recognizable faces in Brazilian rallying having achieved multiple wins and awards for the same.

The doubles teams included the Bull Sertões Rally Team taking part in the 22nd edition of the legendary Sertoes rally the most highly regarded competition in the Brazilian rally circuit. The teams departed for Paracatu, one of the first mining city in the course of the route.

This massive off-road event in Brazil having completed two of the seven stages of the edition then moved on to Caldas Novas to Catalão, still in the state of Goiás where the original stretch that covered 202 kilometers was reduced to about 68 citing various safety issues.In the Cars category, the duos of the Team Bull Sertões Rally Team won the fifth and sixth positions. They were competing in the T1 prototype category. The teams were divided into that of Michel Terpins and navigator Sven von Borries who came in fifth and that of Rodrigo Terpins and navigator Fabrício Bianchini coming in 6th.

According to Mundodo Marketing, the exemplary performance was a result of a well-prepared team that has been training hard and had well-developed cars which have had there performance and suspensions upgraded from time to time to help them cope with the different terrains in the route.

Rodrigo Terpins also a family man has always emphasized the need to have a well-balanced life where his career in rallying does not affect the attention he gives his family. This perspective is what has seen him develop into one of the most consistent rally drivers in the editions gone by and hopefully in those that are yet to come.

He has always stated his commitment to rallying and hopes that even as his star continues to shine he is able to nurture others into it.

Cancer, Research

As the cancer survivor’s populace continues to grow, it has become critical to understand the nature and impact that prior cancer cases may have on improving the results recorded in trials, patient experience, as well as the observational studies. It is vital to note that despite the increased numbers of cancer survivors, these survivors continue to be excluded from observational research, as well as the clinical studies. The aging population has been termed as being behind the increase in the number of survivors.

Currently, many survivors go-on to live for more than 10 years after their initial cancer diagnosis. An additional two-thirds live for more than 5 years after this diagnosis. There is a need to understand that these survivors have very complex health needs that need to be addressed. Some of their needs include:

• Surveillance to prevent recurrence
• Continued monitoring for toxic effects associated with cancer treatment
• Management of emerging diagnosis, e.g., new primary cancers or chronic diagnoses.

Exclusion of cancer survivors from clinical trials means that close to a quarter of all patients that have recently been diagnosed with lung cancer will be prevented from taking part in the studies. In order to understand the implications of incident cancer in terms of research and treatment, there is a need to understand the prevalence of prior cancer in patients who have dealt with incident cancer in the past.

Eric Lefkofsky

He is the CEO and Co-founder of Tempus. This is a technology company that is accredited with creating an operating system to be used in the fight against cancer. Mr. Lefkofsky is also one of the founding partners in a venture fund that invests in disruptive technologies called Lightbank.

Eric Lefkofsky together with his wife Liz began the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. It is a private charitable foundation whose sole purpose was to enhance lives in the communities where it operates. Apart from serving as a trustee for various organizations in his home city of Chicago, he also is also an author and an adjunct professor.

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Prison Communication

Securus Technologies, a Dallas, Texas-based inmate services company has been in the news regularly over the last few years. The company, which provides services such as inmate calling, monitoring, investigative services, and even financial service has grown significantly. Among the most recent achievements are earning an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau, and public praise and recognition for assisting in keeping jails a safer place. Family members and correctional facility employees alike credit the company with proving great customer service and technology that is far ahead of the curve. Being able to monitor inmate behavior and communications have been recognized as a key driving force in prosecuting crimes that were difficult and sometimes possible to handle. This sort of evidence has also helped to keep contraband outside the correctional facilities, a major reported problem by the staff at these facilities.


The company has also been able to resolve the majority of customer service concerns at an unprecedented rate achieving one call resolution and excellent service as reported by customers. The company not only monitors inside jails but outside as well. Being able to track criminals via electronic means while under house arrest or other measures that require GPS capability. The services provided are also helping families of the incarcerated stay in touch with their loved ones. This is an invaluable service for staying in touch, which, is often considered to be a major challenge while involved with the corrections system. Securus is also constantly developing new technology to stay current and provide even better solutions for inmates, their loved ones, and employees involved in the corrections process. The company has a full listing of their products and services on their website located at http://www.securustechnologies.com/.


CEO, Entrepreneur

Bumble, a dating site developed by Whitney Wolfe Herd has been pushing the numbers gaining on its rival Tinder. Whitney Wolfe purchased the space in Manhattan which for more than a decade had been occupied by the four season’s restaurants. With this kind of ambitions, it indicates how large of a size the company will grow. The company has revenues of more than $100million for the period it has been operational. Whitney declined a buyout of half a billion from Match group. The social media platform which is one of its kind, allows women to make the first move. Bumble it has been developed in a way it that it generates money from unique features which have regular users. Whitney Wolfe hails from Salt Lake City; she attended Southern Methodist University at Dallas Texas graduating with a degree in international relations.

Before developing Bumble, she was the co-founder and the marketing vice president at Tinder, the most significant competitor in the market. Herd, the concept of Bumble allows women to ask for numbers from men or women or instead of initiating the first move. When one sends a message, it disappears after 24 hours if not replied. After going through various names, she finally settled on Bumble. The target of the application has been mainly women. After the release of the app in 2014, it managed close to 100,000 downloads in the first month. The headquarters of the company is in Austin Texas. The building is distinguishable due to its unique design which has sunflower yellow roof and wall. The company has 85% women, despite the difference in ratio, it serves to empower women to come up and achieve their goals. The company values at $1 billion which is also subject to raise with the growth in its popularity. To know more about her click here.

With the app, one has to swipe left or right for one to find a matching partner. When two users of different sex match, the woman must initiate the conversation by sending a message. The application makes women feel more in charge as opposed to those applications they received unwarranted content. Most of the women using the app have expressed that they are not only looking for love in the app but also friendships. The demand has led to the introduction of Bumble BFF. The feature focuses on creating platonic relationships between women. Bumble BFF has had more than 3 million attempted to use and has around 50,000 active users each month.

Her LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/whitney-wolfe-1791a299

Entrepreneur, OSI Group

The OSI group is one of the large and renowned companies globally in the food industry. The company’s recognition is for the provision of quality food product that meets the consumers’ needs. The OSI group majors in the production of value-added foodstuffs including proteins like beef and sausages. The company additionally also supply sandwiches and pizza to retails stores and foodservice industry globally. The company offers a range of products from organic, natural, healthy, and tasty foods at affordable, and premium prices. The company has over 60 operations running and operating in over seventeen countries including the United States, China, and Europe. OSI group is also the largest privately owned company that deals with processing.

The company’s belief, shared by every employee in the organization is that success in the future days depends on the company’s ability to attract the best and the brightest products. The staff members of the OSI group are not only professionals but also very passionate about their work in providing nothing but the best. There are over eight processing factories globally that deal in processing the raw materials into the value-added quality products.

The company has produced the best product, especially in China for more than two decade decades, therefore, building the reputable brand among the suppliers and consumers. Additionally, the company has assisted in the development of countries economy due to the investments and trade. Having branches and still being the best largest company indicates the ability of the company to recognize consumers’ needs and provide appropriately. The company has passed through many barriers including cultural, government regulations of different countries and continents, and also the consumer’s needs in providing its produces.

The company has employees working in all branches and the employees are very efficient in determining consumers’ needs and preferences. The company partners with clients to find out what preferences and needs they require and also partners with suppliers to seek their opinions before finally producing and delivering goods. The company further ensures continuous product development to better the consumer’s needs.

The OSI group has also partnered with other companies such as DOYOO in creating DaOSI which specializes in poultry operations. The organization also partners with other stakeholders like McDonald subway, Starbucks, burger king among; many others in ensuring clients access their desired products.The company produces quality products due to the availability of built-in x-ray machines in the factories that provides detection of foreign particles. The device also aids in the monitoring process to ensure each operation of production is perfect.

OSI group info: www.foodprocessing.com/top100/profiles/osigroup/


Bridget Scarr is a high-flying writer and creative producer. She is famed for producing spectacular content that is suitable for various platforms. Bridget is the founder and current head of Colibri Studios; she is in charge of content development, strategy and partnerships. Her role involves working with different partners and stakeholders who range from international broadcasters to project managers to actualize projects.


For more than a decade and a half, Bridget has worked as an executive producer where she has managed to amass valuable experience in advertising, television and animation, which has been pivotal in sharpening her skills in digital content, television, virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive exhibition.


In one of her interviews with ideamensch, Bridget Scarr shared with his fans valuable information and insights. Bridget highlighted the driving force behind his well-performing company- Colibri Studios. While she worked as a TV producer, she spent most of her time breathing life to other people’s ideas. After shifting gears to assume a role of a creative content developer, she discovered that she needed a force that would help her bring her ideas to life; this informed her decision to establish Colibri Studios. Bridget Scarr attests that the studio has served her interests well in developing her own projects.


Bridget is known for bringing into life very captivating ideas that leave many of her fans wondering the source of such ideas. According to the seasoned writer and creative producer, her ideas are hinged on the nature and inspiration behind the project. In her interview, she went ahead to give an example of the project she is currently undertaking. Her example vividly captures the path in which Bridget has to walk to make a particular project real.


Bridget Scarr also shared top ingredients that have hastened and sustained her entrepreneurial success. She says that meditation in addition to continuous nurturing of the spirit of her business path is what has made her successful in business. She advises young entrepreneurs to shun fear and trust the journey they have chosen to walk. However, she assures inspiring business people that they will have to endure setbacks that they may face as they struggle to build successful ventures. For Bridget, her first business collapsed subjecting her to financial and emotional difficulties.


Bridget is a lover of all forms of content. She believes that content has the capacity to change the world in numerous ways. If you will not find her developing a television project, then you are likely to find her engrossed in writing a novel or music.


Follow Bridget Scarr on twitter for updates.


Baltimore real estate is one thing that cannot be spoken of without mentioning Todd Lubar. Armed with a charming smile and outspoken nature, he is now a well-established real estate developer and business owner in the City commanding widespread respect. Todd is the one man you want to consult concerning matters of real estate, not only for his perspective on the business but also because of his broad experience that he has gathered over the decades he’s been in the industry. Since 1999 when he started working for Crestor Mortgage Corporation immediately after graduating from Syracuse University, he is yet to disappoint at any position he has been entrusted with. With a resolute determination to achieve something once his mind is set on it, he helped grow the Maryland Legacy Financial to a level where its production unit per year was over several hundred million dollars in loan volumes. For more details visit Patreon.

As if this was not impressive enough on his resume, he still went ahead and became the Senior Vice President of Charter Funding at the peak of the chaos in the mortgage industry. Working in the finance and credit sector is what has made his perspective on the business more valuable and with great impact to the extent that he has reserved his place amongst the top 25 mortgage originators for a number of years. With the influx of young professionals streaming into Baltimore City, Todd Lubar is now the focal point of insight on the industry by home buyers looking to maximize their financial gain.

His motivation is driven by the fact that he loves to help others achieve their dream of becoming homeowners and has the skills needed that people can rely on. In his high school days, he used to work at a grocery store and later discovered Todd was destined for more and started working towards it. His lesson for the value of money drove him always to strive to achieve the best and as of now, he is the President of TDL Global Ventures. Just as he is passionate in his business and serving the community, he’s also a loving Dad to a son and daughter with whom he is to be found whenever he creates free time. Check out LinkedIn for more info.

One of his famous quotes goes: ‘surround yourself with people that challenge you and promote you to grow professionally and personally.’



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