The media industry in Mexico has seen an incredible incline, owing to the numerous amount of players in the market. The Mexican television audience is incredibly diverse, which is why newer networks are constantly emerging to meet the significant demand of the public living in the country. A lot of private companies have also begun to invest in the media industry in Mexico, owing to the huge market, and also the profits that corporations rake in. Most of the shows produced in Mexico are not just limited to the country but are also aired in other South American countries, thereby increasing their audience drastically. Grupo Televisa is one such media company that has been one of the big players in the industry. The network has been operating for many years and has consistently seen a growth in their audience and profits.

Alfonso de Angoitia is one of the main people behind Televisa and is also one of the main reasons why the company has been doing so well in the sector. He is a highly well-known personality in the media sector and is known for his skill and knowledge regarding the business. He has also helped his company expand to international markets, because of which the network puts out channels in the united states so that the audiences there can have better access to the shows that Grupo Televisa. Alfonso de Angoitia has also contributed to the company owing to the incredible business mindset that he has. Being the current Executive Vice President, he knows all the finer intricacies of the work that he has to carry out. Before working for Grupo Televisa, he worked in the field of law. He was based in New York City and was the head of his law firm there.


Help the Community

Beginning as early as 2000 Matthew Autterson has been a fixture in Denver’s philanthropic circles. The Denver Post reports on one such fundraiser for which Autterson secured the $50,000 title sponsor. The event, entitled “The Do at the Zoo” raised approximately $600,000 from 2,500 guests. The proceeds were earmarked for a new children’s carousel. Autterson’s efforts become even more impressive upon learning that the very first “Do” held 11 years before this one attracted only 325 guests. The event has grown in its reach and impact, and now over a decade later, Matthew Autterson is proud to continue giving back to the Denver community.

A graduate of Michigan State University, Autterson received his B.A. in Finance there prior to attending the Univerity of Denver’s Graduate Tax Program. Now, following a successful career in the corporate sector, Autterson has turned his efforts to the non-profit world. His work with Falci Adaptive Biosystems provides devices and care aimed at increasing the independence and quality of life of those that suffer from neuromotor disabilities. Autterson is dedicated to this mission of improving the lives of those that suffer from these disabilities through greater access and control of their environments. Now that he has shifted to the nonprofit sector Matthew can devote more of his time and energy to helping those that are truly in need.

As a member of the Board of Directors of Falci Adaptive Equipment, Autterson has also worked in increasing leisure and pleasure pursuits of those confined to wheelchairs. Through Falci’s Motor Sports program, people that are wheelchair bound are able to race modified race cars in order to enjoy one of life’s great pleasures. Car racing is a great candidate for adaptive devices due to the fact that the car is doing a lot of the work. Adaptive devices allow program participants the opportunity to drive race cars just as the professionals do.

These experiences are complete with racing gear, pit crews, and fast laps around the track. The reality of many people who are in wheelchairs is that they have highly developed upper body muscles and strength. Falci looks to utilize this strength and create devices that can be modified for control by hands and arms.

Matthew Autterson has been interested in helping his community since that Denver Zoo gala back in 2000. Now through his association with Falci Adaptive Equipment, he continues to help make the world a better place.


Air Conditioning

Goettle has come a long way in the past few years. They were once a company that nobody wanted anything to do with and that was difficult for the owner. He did not know where to turn and the AZ Central talks about the things that he had to do to make sure that the company was getting better and growing in the area that it was in. As one of the best Southwestern HVAC companies, it is hard to see that Goettl was once a company that was doing poorly. People were not impressed with Goettl but now it is hard for them to even get an appointment with the company because of how popular it is.

The owner is the one who is responsible for all of this change. He has done a lot in his time to make sure that he is helping people and that has led to him being able to make things better. He has always done a lot with the different things that are going on in the company and he knows there are different options available to him in the situations that there are in the company. It has been a huge change from the options that people had in the past.

While there are many new things that the company offers, they still rely on the HVAC services that they have always been connected to. They believe that making sure things are going to go well for people who are in different areas is one of the best ways to help other people and to make things easy for them to try new things. There have been many opportunities for Goettl to grow and they have always jumped on them so that they will be able to try new things in the areas that they are in.

As Goettl has grown, they have also taken on new clients. They serve residential, commercial and even some retail clients. This has given them a chance to grow and has also enabled them to make all of the right choices for their business. While Goettl is working on the different opportunities that they have, they are also growing their business to a new point where things are getting better and they are making far more money than what they were able to make in the past with the options that they had for success.


Prison Communication

Securus Technologies has always been very dedicated to conjuring innovative cutting edge technologies for the sake of crime prevention. The company is based in Texas and has always dedicated its time, resources and commitment to equipping correctional facilities with ample provisions to regulate the way communications are made within holding cells, state prisons, and federal prisons, privately held prisons, detention camps and city jails. Although it is an American company, Securus Technologies has flourished enough to draw the Canadian market through its reputation for creativity, hard work, and efficiency.

Securus draws its success from its commitment to research and development. The company is highly innovative, and it is reported to target conjuring new technological means of improving their service delivery every passing week. It has, according to tax reports, spent over 600 million dollars on patents and acquisitions, sometimes even partnering with other innovative entities for the sake of making correctional facilities safer and preventing crime. It does so by regulating inmate communications, limiting their correspondence to the confines of the law. One of its most successful efforts towards that effect resulted from its partnership with the Harris Corporation. The partnership led to the development of the “Cell Defender” which limits any contraband phones within these facilities from connecting with mobile networks. The “Cell Defender” effectively rendered contraband phones useless and cut off criminal cartels in contact with inmates from their coordinated efforts to break the law.

According to PR Newswire, prison officials across different states are utterly impressed with Securus and its efforts to keep sanity within their holding facilities. According to them, the privately held company has installed state of the art communication infrastructure that even allows inmates to make affordable calls to their families. The same facilities and equipment, however, has seen the reduction of unlawful communications within their facilities. Most of the officials have been writing letters to the company urging it to remain unrelenting in its innovation alongside inmates who had earlier been cornered by organized crime within the facilities. According to them, since Securus started servicing the correctional facilities;

  • They have helped minimize drug abuse and trafficking within the prisons
  • They have reduced incidences of corruption
  • They have reduced cases of coordinated attacks on inmates, prison officials and their families


Health, Medical News

Innovacare can well be described as one of the leading healthcare service providers in North America. The health provider company has been working hard and is very committed to giving the people of the United States of America quality medical care to meet and solve the medical challenges in the nation. To achieve their goals the pharmaceutical firm has one of the best management teams led by Penelope Kokkinides who serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Rick Shinto who is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of Innovacare. The two leaders have been working hand in hand and very dedicated to offer and build strong customer relations, quality services which are affordable and are top-of-line.

Ms. Penelope was appointed and named the Chief Operating Officer of Innovacare in 2016. She brings a long term medical experience in the organization. She has served for more than 20 years in government programs including; Medicare and Medicaid. She a woman leader who has held several other top positions in medical organizations including; Centre for health care as the Executive Vice president and Chief operating officer, Tochtone Health and Corporate as the Chief Operating Officer, and the Vice President for Care management and disease management at Americhoises. Ms. Kokkinides is an experienced medical expert who holds a B.A in Biological sciences and classical languages from Binghamton University. She is also a graduate of New York University and Columbia University School of Public Health. Through their medical programs; Medicare Advantage and primary Networks the medical organization trusts that patients come first.

Doctor Rick Shinto is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of Innovacare Inc. He is not only an experienced leader with excellent skills, but he also has a vast experience in the medical sector. Rick began his career in health while serving as a pulmonologist in Southern California and since then he has been growing in the medical field with him writing several medical articles. The physician can well be described as the face of change in innovacare Inc. he was appointed as the Chief executive Officer of Innovacare in 2012, and since then he has led the medical care organization to greater heights success Penelope Kokkinides as well as achievements. Dr. Shinto is one of the dedicated employees of the firm and has been inspiring others to give their all to the company. Rick Shinto is a B.S holder from the University of California, a graduate of the University of New York with a Medical degree, and he is also an M.B.A holder from University of Redlands.

Business Leader, Caring for the Community, Political Activists

George Soros, the billionaire from New York, has always been associated with the Democrats since he started his hedge fund empire. He has had long-term relations with some key members of the party, especially the Clintons and has backed them publicly for office.

The 85-year-old hedge fund billionaire made his fortune which is estimated to be around $25 billion through risky currency trade. He had never shied away from sharing his fortune with the Democrats with a good example being in 2004 when he pledged $27 million in an attempt to defeat President George W. Bush and supporting other Democrat candidates. Know more about George Soros on Business Insider.

After the way the events turned out, George Soros reduced his political donations and did his best to avoid the political center stage. Instead, he focused on running his business and supporting his charity foundations around the world.

Recently, Soros emerged and publicly aired his support for Hillary Clinton as the Democrat’s presidential candidate. He made an impressive financial contribution of over $25 million towards her campaign. According to his political advisor, Soros was more interested in the election as he believed that the stakes were high. He also didn’t support Donald Trump’s political and economic views and saw his policies as those of instilling fear into people rather than offering them security.

George Soros has always taken an interest in shaping and transforming political environments to what he calls “Open Societies.” He believes that societies should be formed around “universally” accepted principles that work to enhance the welfare of all mankind.

For this reason, he has used his wealth to fund various organizations around the world that share his views. He has also established more than 70 Open Society Foundations around the world that are charged with transforming the political and social environments of the people.

Considering his childhood background where he was forced to live in a German-occupied Hungary, one can only see where his need and urge to bring a change in the political field originated. He was from a Jewish family at the time where Jews were widely persecuted in Germany and other Germany-occupied territories.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/george-soros-democratic-convention-226267

George Soros has always played a major role in philanthropy. He began his quest in 1979, and in 1984, he had already established an Open Society Foundation in Hungary. The network has grown and is operating in multiple countries. His spending and funding have also increased to hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Read more on NYTimes.com.

Development Companies

A privately owned firm in New Brunswick, NJ and established in 1986. According to records, the company employs around 35 employees and has annual revenue of around 9279614.

Boraie Development is one of the leading development firms in New Jersey led by Sam Boraie. The reason is the company uses private sources of capital as its primary source to fund for its projects.

The crisis of surging property markets in the US is shifting to New Jersey as a result threatening the rebound of housing in one of the most populated areas in the US. According to Zillow, a real estate tracking giant, New Jersey is ahead of most states in having the highest shares and rates of residential mortgages, which are extremely delinquent. However, due to this, the real estate markets in New Jersey are trailing the country. However, the dropping rates of foreclosures and delinquency are a reflection of the various impacts of the stringent post structure of households, gains of house prices and higher rates of employments. In the future, there is hope for the positive trends to continue as the real estate industry shifts focus in resolving shortages and impending affordability crisis.

According to Patch, shortages in housing are likely to increase and might turn into a housing crisis in the gap between housing demand, and shelter supplies continue to widen. Given the shortage of houses for sale and the increasing rate of selling newly built homes, the failing housing is still worrying. It means that there is more inventory yet more properties that are new are arriving in the market with urgency to sell saying things in New Jersey could go from bad to worse. According to reports, the home prices are likely to increase. Households expect the selling conditions to be better in the future.

However despite this broken real estate market in New Jersey, from the end of the great recession, some areas have shown high housing demands coupled with excellent properties. Most of these regions are preparing for developments that will change the game and new apartments. The prices have been rising. The most visible trend in these areas is the apparent accessibility to transit. Each of the areas is near a transit station, which attracts many buyers. Economists predict that a change in real estate markets is coming due to high-interest rates and lower house prices. The creation of employment will also push up the demand for homes. Visit boraie.com for more info.

In conclusion, the costs of houses – high price of rent and home is rapidly increasing. Also, the mortgage rates remain relatively low making mortgage loans more available thus easing the housing boom in NJ. You can search him on Yahoo.

See more: https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB1000142405270230452620457909952025609506

CEO, Industries

In the 2015 fiscal year, Nabor Industries Chief Executive Officer Tony Petrello earned $6.82 million in annual compensation. Additionally, not only does he hold the rank of CEO, he is also the company’s President and Chairman of the Board. If you aren’t familiar with Nabor Industries, it is the world’s largest contractor of oil and gas drilling equipment and works in 20 countries around the globe and has a presence in every major oil market.

CEO Tony Petrello has been a massive part of the company’s success. Since he joined in 1991, leaving behind a successful law career, Nabors Industries has seen unsurmountable success in every major market.

While Tony Petrello was ranked the top earned CEO, you would have never known that was his destiny from how his college roommate describes him. He describes Tony as a man from humble beginnings, from a working class family. He came to Yale on scholarship with a thick Jersey accent and “big” Italian American personality that juxtaposed the calm refinement of most Yale students that have been groomed by multiple private schools prior to entering college. Click here to know more.

His roommate also describes him as an absolute genius in math, comparing him to Good Will Hunting. Petrello was a very driven man, even early on. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Math from Yale, then went on to earn his Master’s degree, also in Math. Although he was incredibly gifted in mathematics, he moved away from that field to pursue a law degree from Harvard Law School. After graduation, he married his college sweetheart Cynthia and went on to work at a prominent New York law firm where he was quickly promoted to managing partners. He left in 1991 to join Nabors Industries where he has gone on to achieve the massive success he has today.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthony-petrello-1335b097

Wine Selling

If you enjoy wine and the atmosphere and fun that it can bring to a gathering, then there may be a business opportunity that you should know about.

The Traveling Vineyard is a company that allows you to work from home to provide customers a variety of excellent wines for all occasions. This business allows you to socialize and educate consumers, all while creating your own style of fun and entertainment while hosting fun wine tasting parties. As a host, or as they refer to their affiliates as guides, you are going to be able to present relevant information about the different wines and help your guests select wines that they love and that will add something special to their lives.

The company offers plenty of training and support to the wine guides so that they feel confident and comfortable once they decide to set out on their own. Wine guides can work as little or as much as they would like, and there are no caps on the earning potential with The Traveling Vineyard. This business opportunity allows you to learn at your own pace and work the hours that are convenient for you without sticking to a set schedule.

Upon signing up, you are provided with tools to get you started. Included in the startup kit, are five wines that are for sampling as well as sampling glasses that can be reused at other meetings and parties. The company even offers a wine carrying case. You will also have a leader assigned to you in your area that you can call with any questions as well as to show you how to be successful. The Traveling Vineyard offers a truly exceptional and unique opportunity to make extra money while enjoying your work. The company gives you all of the guidance and support you need to be well informed and present your guests with all of the information they need to make wine selections that they will love.

Learn more about Traveling Vineyard: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/traveling-vineyard-utilizes-cardflight-to-enable-sales-consultants-to-accept-credit-card-payments-on-tablets-and-smartphones-300359517.html


Clearabee is the largest rubbish clearance service in the UK and they are providing their service to the London area. They began their rubbish clearance services in 2013 an they have grown ever since.


Cleraabe started out of Northampton and then relocated to the Birmingham area just outside of London. They are easy to book with-all you need to do is call or book with them online. They offer many different rubbish clearance packages so you can pick the one that best suits your needs and budget.


Clearabee offers a skip bag rubbish clearance service that comes with convenient next day delivery with all of their bags. It also comes with the ability to track your package, re-arrange delivery, and you can even specify where you want it to be picked up.


Clearabee also offers a “Beeloyal” program on all qualifying rubbish clearance orders. They are very easy to book with and are open six days a week. You can also book 24/7 for your convenience.


Clearabee does not subcontract so that you can have piece of mind that your rubbish ends up at a proper waste management facility. They also rarely cannot accept an item for pickup. Al you need to do is get your rubbish ready for removal, schedule an appointment, and they will handle the rest. They are professional, discreet, and reliable. Clearabee is the most affordable and convenient way to clean up the home or office.