Debt and Marriage


What do you think? Why is it that so many marriages live debt-ridden? Our first inclination might well be something like: “You do not earn enough to pay all your expenses.” That statement seems quite logical. That the true source of the debt is not earning enough but not knowing how to handle the money one has well. There are some steps to forming good financial habits that you can adopt n such a situation. They include the following:

Manage the resources you have

In a marriage, the problem may be with people who have received a good education, but who have not learned anything about how to manage money. They don’t have good financial habits, or do not know to track special offers, find loans with low interest rates, or save money for emergencies. They don’t know how to do good low-risk investments and how to communicate with each other before making a large purchase.

Even after marriage, there are those who think that designing a plan to manage finances in cases of marital breakdown may seem daunting, but it is important to consider, as recommended earlier. With regard to costs, it is good to remember something: A dollar is not worth a dollar. In fact, a dollar is worth more than a dollar if you put it to work for you, what some call “opportunity cost”.

No matter whether we are talking about using it to acquire an asset at market exchange or deposit it in a savings account with interest: every dollar you spend now can have a real impact in your pocket tomorrow.

Wait for that dream house

After the wedding, many couples, consciously or unconsciously yearn to create a home like their parents. A newly married couple can be in charge of economic affairs for the first time in their lives and sometimes do not have the slightest idea what to do.

But what many do not realize is that it took years or rather decades for their parents to have a comfortable home, the size it is at their favourite location. Modern marriages want everything instantly and therefore often end up borrowing. If you manage to avoid this trap during the first years of marriage, you will definitely avoid debt.

It is obvious that debt not only comes from not having sufficient funds; it also arises because many people can not use what they already have. Many newlyweds fear that others judge their marital success by its economic level, but their neighbors or other people do not pay their bills … So instead of spending every penny trying to lead a lifestyle that is out of the real possibilities, it is good to ask yourself: Do I really need this item now? Could this money be helpful tomorrow if I simply leave it in the bank, does it make a wise investment?

Easy Ways To Make Money

Make more money

To get out of debt, you don’t just need to make more money. Of course, that may be part of the solution, but to achieve lasting results, you need to take more decisive and balanced actions. Getting out of debt involves learning how to manage money and to recognize the true value of each dollar spent. It means developing steps to forming good financial habits.

Benefits of Using Coupon Codes to Get Online Discounts

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Coupons can be a great way to save money on your online purchases, not to mention that they are also widely available so you can be sure to reap the benefits. There are lots of websites devoted solely to coupons like or Coupons can be used to purchase just about anything, and they are normally given in a code format which you enter at the checkout of your purchase. Coupons can come in two forms, the first form being a set money-off voucher. This entitles the user to money off their purchase, however there may be certain terms and conditions that need to be met before this can be applied. The second format is a percentage off coupon. This entitles the user to a percentage off their total shop, so theoretically, the more you spend, the more you save.


There are certainly plenty of coupon codes available when purchasing e-cigarettes online. These coupon codes can range from money off, to free products, percentages off and so much more. Some coupon codes even give you free delivery on your purchase, so they are certainly beneficial to the customer. There are many sites such as which offers the V2 cigs coupon code 10% off. You simply enter your coupon code at the checkout, and in most cases, they are limited to one per customer.

Perfumes and Fragrances

Another popular industry that offers coupon codes is the perfume and fragrance industry. Coupons can range from free scent samples to money off, free delivery and even money off your next order when you spend over a set amount. Coupon codes are often time limited, so it is important to make sure that you use yours before the expiry date or else it might not be valid.

Make Money Online Fast

DVDs & Box sets

Many companies also offer coupons on DVDs, CDs and box sets. In most cases, you’ll find that it is either a percentage off coupon, or money off coupon, as opposed to a free delivery coupon code. By entering this code at the checkout, you will receive an instant discount on your order. Many companies will even send you coupon codes via email if you register with their newsletter, which is a very efficient way to stay up to date on the latest deals and discounts.

Ways to save money on beauty products

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How to save money on beauty products


Most women will admit to loathing their beauty products as much as they love them, which is understandable. Few things are as taxing to the wallet as beauty products. The need never dissipates, yet the prices are ever rising, often complimented by the temptation one struggles with to buy more every time they stumble into a store.

Often women have taken it upon themselves to simply pursue a natural look in an attempt to control the bill that accrues as a result of meeting one’s monthly shampooing needs.

Ways to save money

Beauty products are an investment but they do not need to be a burden; it is possible to meet one’s needs even when facing financial problems, some ways to save money on beauty products including the following:

  1. Control is important when it comes to purchasing beauty products. It is easy to lose oneself during a shopping session, only to realize later that you do not actually require more than one exfoliating product and those three different types of soap probably do the exact same thing. Limit your purchases to the necessities and avoid waste.
  2. When it comes to making a purchase, function should be prioritized over brand; the simple fact is most beauty products will actually work for most people, precluding allergic consideration. Despite the prestige and additional benefits that come with the most sophisticated brands of a given product, the average non branded items are not only cheaper but they should do the job you require of them.
  3. Consider making your own beauty products; it is possible to craft some pretty unique and beautifully scented creams and lotions using basic household items. You will enjoy the satisfaction of using your ingenuity even while saving money.
  4. Instead of spending heavily on spas, consider trusting your body to the hands of students at beauty and massage academies. It’s a win-win situation; these potential beauticians need the hands on experience to receive their certification and no one is going to say no to a free yet skillfully executed massage and spa treatment.
  5. Just because that bottle of shampoo or conditioner is nearing its end doesn’t mean it is time to visit the beauty store; by adding a little water it is possible to extend your soap beyond its typical life.
  6. Do not be afraid to return beauty products that do not achieve their intended purpose; there is no point wasting money on cosmetic items that cannot do their job. If you take the time to make your purchases from merchants and retailers with return policies, then this shouldn’t be an issue whether or not you opened and used the product.
  7. You will need to learn to improvise; rather than splashing cash on a make-up brush, why not invest in a cheap but effective paint brush, especially when working with spot concealer, liner and eye shadow. Has your lipstick reached the top of the tube? Consider scooping it out and storing it in a clean container, or making use of a lipstick brush. Avoid waste wherever possible.

Ways To Make Money Online

Remember to use your products sparingly; no one needs an entire palm of lotion for their face. With most products you do not need more than nickel sized amounts to get the job done.